How MEP for lowering the price of Schengen visas?

"Under the Declaration number 12, which offers a lower price visas already collected 118 signatures of MEPs. More readily respond parliamentarians from so called new states, which not so long ago joined the European Union. On the contrary, it is hard to get the signature of Deputies so called of old states. If more than 391 signatures will be, according to the procedure declaration forwarded for consideration by the Council of the European Union and the European Commission. "
During an information campaign in the midst of deputies distributed leaflets calling to sign the Declaration number 12, in the European Parliament were also developed by us are located posters proposal to support the initiative. The collection of signatures will be in the process of further 2-sessions of the European Parliament. In addition, each deputy will be sent a letter asking to sign the declaration. Also planned to carry out a campaign "from
door to door. "
Said the company started by the initiative of MEPs Genavefa Grabowska (Poland), Justas Paleckis (Lithuania) and Hannes Swoboda (Austria).

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