How to implement?

Many of my friends is going to buy or have already acquired for himself an old house on the farm or in the village. Not enough that it is a profitable investment (even now the estate can be purchased for two or three wage), so it is also a return to the eternal values when patriotism for our Protz meant prosperity and protection, not some abstraction, and their specific land, farms, nature.

One can only imagine: if a million Belarusians that in a referendum in 1995 voted "yes", if all these people on their own estates abselisya throughout Belarus and made there own rules, they have not mastered any populism.

This, of course, a fantasy — a million. But millions and do not need to in this fashion conscious people entrenched themselves and their standards are introduced and dreams. Clearly, the land, the estate, the estate where you accept life in its own way, define your interests are not "from the ceiling," as is often the case now. And you go to the meeting for their real rights, not exactly appeals to freedom.

Gentry component

My friends that have acquired the manor — partly urban people live and work on the pavement. But in his spare time chosen "to yourself" because no flat does not make one implemented. There, on the ground, there is reason to have them meet this plague Belarusian soul — local history — find out what was once a manor house on the site and around it. Some even write about this book and remove the films, so uninteresting corners of our land is not. There, on the farm, they will arrange for your own life and the beauty of existence, there will take out of the library and archives, which will organize once, when old age will move here permanently. Their motivation — such as what from time immemorial ruled Belarus know.


It is clear that to know at the time of capture of the Belarusian lands Russian empire was we tenth of the population and that the Russian authorities step by step "spihvala" gentry classes in the hierarchy down — first in the freeholders, later just farmers. But when the first component of the ability of a noble raised his head, altering life on their own way. So it was in the days of the Stolypin reforms, and in the days BSSRovskoy hutaryzatsyi in 1920.

As a result, the Belarusian peasantry weaved disparate gentry th proletarian impulses. Reverence for toiletries, tradition, memory — it’s all there in the Belarusian farm soul thanks to its component gentry. Denial toiletries, servility and forgetfulness — this is a proletarian. Most of the gentry class in society as long no, it destroyed by violence and Gentry component forms the soul lives and us as a normal European civilization.

Proletarian power

As for power, it previously and currently understands and supports only proletarian hurricane in farming souls. Hence this more Russian fiction with six acres, which many refer to villas. Legend was born with in order to give employment to millions of farmers that fled into the city, away from the damned sticks for their labor, and complete lawlessness intolerable peasant corn. Pavtsyakats they ran away, but the spiritual thirst spuddle remained. Go for it in the village, they could not, because the village cursed. That became 6 acres compromise: and itching to land met and though — city. A plantation on birdhouses — what kind of property — hitherto krychma screaming that they — not the village, God forbid, not a village, not vorachivalis we in any Cursed village, here you are razgavaryvaem in town, because — city.


About how much spoiled natural beauty these Shanghai around each town, I do not say. Indeed, in a set of values proletarian landscaping does not come. As in the current set of creators agrotowns. Old granny and the word to say it can not, because invented something consonant "gyr-gyr-town."

Gyr gyr-town-

Agrotowns — a poor excuse Khrushchev housing company. Maybe once and these current village Khrushchev someone calls lukashovkami. However, they are not very time. Khrushchev was a problem — where to settle millions of Gulag prisoners yesterday. Well, we all — all of which we gulag? ..

Like Khrushchev, agragaradotskiya cabins are not designed for memory, tradition and property. If I had wanted to invest money, to reconstruct, to make a normal manor — so easy before — carry.

Agrotowns — Russian absurd tribute to our past and not the future. And "weave" evenly recede into eternity. Coupled with generations of refugees from villages which so svyarbela "hook hands for land" and this justified guilty own itch help the household budget. Already at this point they say something else — a hobby! Well — to "vozduse" stay as "very superior" — health.

Country estates

Once called the Belarus State estates. It is later, the Communists all killed. And true censors Kolosov curve stitching "Buy land, buy your own corner of my master To vyputatstsa shackles." Since not very much in this proletarian — the land taking. Apparently, they were justified by the fact that Misha — farmer. Peasant farmer then, but not any side proletarian.


Greatest incentive each present their own creator manor that homestead — a continuation, she turned to the future. Does anyone here "outgrowths" new genus, anyone with each generation will grow property from someone local lore evolve into a tourist business, and someone — most important — after leaving his estate to open a museum.


  Such hosts currently being guarded most of the remaining estates throughout Belarus


Acquired in the first house "embedded" cat


Former aristocratic manor under millennial oak now sells for five hundred bucks. North of Belarus

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