How was built in the village of Alexandria agrogorodok

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Favourite entrepreneurial movement from Vitebsk Sergei Parsyukevich found guilty of beating a watchman bullpen and sentenced to 2.5 years in prison. Comments listeners "Freedom":
Sovereign Stanislav, Ivantsevichy: "I last chapter specialized agencies MIA run this establishment almost 10 years. ‘Cause I do not believe in the criminal case against Parsiukevich. In such places rather forces and means to eliminate the negative effects that may occur inside the institution."

Listen about Sergei Parsyukevich and heart bleeds

Radimovski Yuri, a member of the Belarusian Popular Front: "I have all the turns in the shower. What it mattersetsya in the country, which should be a European, in a country where people should be proud of? And people do not go to the protests. And how to realize it? "
Tina Sokolovich: "Listening about Sergei Parsyukevich and heart bleeds. C residues occurs subsequent intellectuals. Turns out that she is the enemy and the people and the authorities, as intellectuals, as clever as honor and conscience. Intellectuals ruined because of vandals referred to as "the people" and achieve it. "
Favourite movement "For Freedom" Alexander Milinkevich continues visit to regions of Belarus. Now he is a part of the prosecutor’s office for clarification on events. Expression on this topic:
Man: "The Emperor Milinkevich true makes traveling around the country before the parliamentary elections. So do everything true policy. "
Lady: "Hello, Radio Liberty. I now wish to turn to Milinkevich Alexander Vladimirovich. And I wish to thank him for what he goes by region. We are looking forward to it. And who can we expect? Is Lukashenka will come to us? We are you, Alexander, really looking forward to! "
Belarusian authorities require from the U.S. Embassy diplomats reduce staff up to 5 people. Earlier pressure Minsk diplomatic mission has been reduced to 17. Expression of the listener:
Man: "Comrades lukashenkovtsy who need and profitable U.S. policy of confrontation? World rescued from the Nazis not Stalin headed Russian Union and the Allies, who were helped by the U.S., led by Roosevelt. To keep in mind and know the history. "

Power states can not afford to hold a meeting on the square Kalinowski. To hell with it, such authority

Anniversary of the Chernobyl tragedy celebrate the democratic opposition rally near the Academy and the procession to the chapel in memory of the victims.
Man: "The power of states can not afford to hold a meeting on the square Kalinowski. To hell with it, such a power that does not remember Chernobyl. Let’s go down the street to the house of God Orel. Chernobyl in our heart, he or she would be. It is our grief, we are not to forget it. "
Next question listener:
Ilyinich Tatyana V., PUKHOVICHY district, Talca: "We have here a rumor that there was somewhere discharges from the nuclear power plant. Nobody knows how, but such rumors are walking."
Responsible spokesman of the Ministry of Emergency Situations Vitaly Novitsky:
"We contacted the staff all the stations around Belarus, and they told us that no accidents happened to them."
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How much money in this agro vbuhali JSC "Alexandria", is one God knows "

Man: "Listen to" Examination of Freedom "on the construction of agricultural towns. I wish to tell, how to build agro in the village of Alexandria. This small birthplace of our president. Vbuhali funds in the swamp on the foundation, later demolished. Pokleit wallpaper 8 thousand — bad addyaruts later, pokleit 20 thousand. How much money in this agro vbuhali JSC "Alexandria", God knows it. "
Man: "Our Belarusian village peasant can only revive. I looked at these agricultural towns, one for show, stand as monuments. Show Chernobyl zone, I see through BelSat which demonstrate the truth."

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