Hraznova: It is time for the disengagement of left and right

Lyudmila Hraznova — PhD in Economics. In the Supreme Soviet of the 13th convocation was Deputy Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Budget, Taxes and Duties, signed under demanding impeachment Lukashenko. Came to the organizing committee civilian initiative "Charter 97", the last four years — Deputy Chairman of the Joint civilian party. Lyudmila Hraznova headed registered in Vilnius public association "Union of Human Rights." Now she speaks with journalist Alexander Ulitenko about change in a democratic environment.
Ulitenok"Mrs. Lyudmila, like you describe the current state of the Belarusian political opposition: another split, regrouping, the conflict with the young guard classic favorites — what exactly is going on at the moment?"
Hraznova: "Young Front" — is apasiyanarnaya change, and what it does for me is some kamertonam. Look at the youth and think they can really on the right track — apparently it’s time to be in one political society, and get aktsentavanasts political in the sense of the right and left flank. After all, if there is rassredotachivanie in society, it will be in opposition. Maybe this reality is just a completely natural way. "

"You just came back from a trip to the regions in which were combined with Milinkevich. Does this mean that the parties accept the fact that everyone has the right to choose with whom he be?"
Hraznova: "Time of the sensual discussions about party discipline Tipo expired. Became more understanding now."
Ulitenok"What for you to show the political temperature heartland: the power there is in control of the public mind a hundred percent if the island freely, svabodadumstva?"
Hraznova"If the lid on the pan very pressed, it does not mean that people obey: they have their worldview. Getting stronger. That is very serious and rapidly, even reactive. ‘Cause I really far from thinking that the government is on the right path if suffers that cover allowing nothing. This can only lead to an explosion. unsafe not only for power, but — for the entire country. "
Ulitenok: "What today secures the power?"

"Vertical enjoys his first not only political, and economic monopoly: almost all around the state, controlled, because people, especially in the provinces, in general practice do not have other sources of income. But it’s all for the time being, as they say, until the time … "
Ulitenok"And in that case may be the detonator of public disturbance?"
Hraznova: "First — the deterioration of the current level. Terminanty economic work in the community."

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