Hunting hope that the courts fair

Reporter: "At the moment we are interested in the 1st lawyer. How do you think the courts are fair in Belarus?"

Man: "By bolshennomu account — fair, I think so."

Reporter: "What you can not suit in court, what points?"

Man: "Spabornasts process just a little too weak. This new phenomenon, it has not yet developed as we would like. "

Reporter: "How do you think, as a lawyer affects on the process?"

Man: "It is my belief, I think he still has an effect better than it was 10 years ago. "

Young Man: "Of course not even read nothing: there is no justice. I just take information from the Web."

Reporter: "And what you can bring examples that particularly struck you or unpleasantly amazed?"

Young Man: "In 1-x, the courts, which were March 25 in Minsk for a day Will. Courts are just really funny."

Man: "For sure, it is dependent on what people do and what the article discusses. Do not know, I have not encountered very tightly, not necessary. Certainly, I do not know why."

Lady: "Hunt hopes that the courts are fair, just do not come across it, because there are no examples to figure out — fair or not."

Man: "Thank God, have not experienced this, but I think that is not very fair. I have a friend there, his son actually planted or eight and a half years."

Man: "I never got to the court, but I think in Belarus He holds more than in Russia. I spent seven years in Russia. I can definitely say there is much more to the right the courts than in Russia. Exactly. Such lawlessness, as in Russia, there is nowhere in the world. Because, having arrived in Belarus, I feel protected by the law a citizen, it’s my feeling. "

Old man (laughing): "Of course not, unfair trials. Familiar and experienced myself. Was it long unjustly punished me."

Young Man: "Friends who faced the courts, they say, there not normally relate to people. Rare case where justified. "

Old man continued: "All we have bought, sold all courts — the same. Me againlozhili on earth as the offender: arms, legs came on foot — to the neck, though innocent was, was self-defense: it was released, and they took me. "

Young lady: "The courts are not always fair."

Young Man: "I do not I can tell — fair or not the courts, likely legislation we just lame. "

His girlfriend: "Legislation is underdeveloped in order to courts were fair."

Reporter: "What do you think: it must make, that they were more fair? "

Young Man: "Huge open specifically lawsuit to more press coverage itself partses court. Then there will be normally. And if it is so closed, and it would not be fair. No ability to modify it, because no one is outraged and there is no precedent for something to fix. "

His girlfriend: "I agree that it should be done, so was more productive judicial system. "

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