I do not belong to a denomination or religion, and the Church

Interested in issues of religious freedom, freedom of conscience, inter-Christian dialogue, believing Belorussian Orthodox Church The capital of patriarchy, that has own view of the world, history, politics.
Accordingly quote from Natalka:
… The church was completely voiceless in the Russian era, and read lips new martyrs of the faith of Christ and devotion to the Holy Church, read their blood and suffering, but on the other side of the mouth of the official hierarchy touted Russian regime and Russian Alliance. Absolute surprise was that the Message of the Synod of the BOC to the 1020th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia not a single word remembered those due pakutnitsaku feat which sufferers of blood, which is not silent, and exclaims to the heavens, and was prepared by a huge nyavyartanne, similar to another baptism of Rus . With all this the bishops Synod of the Belarusian Orthodox Church, like their predecessors, the official Russian hierarchs time, dubbed the Russian Alliance, "jail of nations" — their "one family": "Remember what actions the lives of our peoples preceded the 1000th anniversary of the Baptism of Russia and occurred after it. During the two years before the anniversary, in April 1986, the image of the apocalyptic "Star Wormwood" vspalyhnuv mortal fire at Chernobyl. And in 1991, broke up a single family of peoples …. We have learned to live with the legacy that was left behind these actions. But we must not forget the lessons of these ruthless and tragic consequences. "So Makar, the Synod of the Belarusian Orthodox Church refers to the disintegration of the Union of Russian catastrophic event and associates it with the explosion at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.
Speaks of Belarusian youth. Graduated from the Belarusian Humanities Lyceum Kolas. Incidentally, a lyceum passed her sister, cousin. After Lyceum entered the law faculty of the Belarusian State University, Department of Political Science at. Has graduated, currently completing his postgraduate studies, wrote his thesis on religious identity in Belarus. Here is a little quote from her article:
"At the moment religion is loyalty to the political regime is not only a political value orientation of the Orthodox, but even certain political culture becomes a measure avtentychnastsi religious experience:" true Orthodox should support the President in all "…
Severe passion — foreign languages. Perfection has English and Polish language, currently studying French. The plans — Lithuanian, Greek. By the way, my little life has visited more than half of the countries in Europe, Australia and Brazil. Was late on a plane to Egypt and Kenya would not let her mother. Writes poetry, for example, such as:
When I stand in your way,
This uncertain and so scattered,
For not letting you pass,
And at the same time blocking the movement of public transport,
For that one moment prytsyagvayusya accountable
Commission on Minors and you.
When I write on banners reddish along the white is
What can read only in whispers,
If we are not more than 2-
In the room
You realize this, I
in violation of public policy
And your personal space
And ask matsyugalnik
Finish these to anyone, and first the two of us,
Demonstrations are needed.
I remember one day hunt,
Which shines gently silence
And what never was and never will,
Neither my nor your biography
But that does not go out of my mind,
Just like these endlessly mentoring Blok.

Published in "bumbamlitavskim" journal "Village Cemetery". Translates into whiteRussian language films ("Love on Actually"For" the Belarusian Gulf Stream ", a number of films for television channel" Belsat "), as liturgical texts.
Gives a lot of time "Learn". Itself attests to this: "Internet hooligan, popular under nicknames" bubble "," Nyalson MandeLLa Ralihlahla "," Tea with NaterDamu "," It is not the girl, "etc.
Here are some quotations from it answered his online opponents:
… I do not conform to the imperial goals of ROC 2-factors: 1) there is no such purposes and 2) Target ROC I do not correspond at all.
… Beloved Church — in honor of the holy new martyrs Belarusian Minsk that Kruptsi also a chapel that in my room at home, the so-called reddish corner.
… Certainly, by it may seem that orthodoxy — it’s just a stupid game, and in principle, it is natural that the way it looks and all. At that point, that the Church can not look outside and realize it can not be outside, but when you get inside, when you become part of the Church — many things are just obvious.
… Certainly, many people understand Orthodoxy as a particular denomination, but I do not understand — I do not belong to a denomination or religion, but to the Church — the Body of Christ, the society of the faithful. Church — the pillar and ground of truth stsverzhanne.

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