I.Kuznyatsov: This year — 20 years to the discovery of Kurapaty

The event began at 16 hours from the story of the candidate of historical sciences Igor Kuznetsov about the history of political repression in Belarus period of 20-50 years of the last century and the history of Kurapaty. Later, people lit candles and laid flowers and prayed for the innocent victims.
We caught up with Igor Kuznetsov during mourning shares in Kurapaty.
Kuznetsov: "Participates about 40 people, but just to make a mistake, so that there and KGB, Ministry of Internal Affairs … The action takes place in the format in which we spent a year in memory: every 29th of the month in Kurapaty lit memorial candles. In This year — typical anniversary, will be 20 years since June 3, 1988 published an article Poznyak "Kurapaty — the road of perdition." Practically, in This year — 20 years to the discovery of Kurapaty. I think, in this regard, we will declare this year Kurapaty year. " Tags: action, kurapaty, mourning, year 20

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