I talked to him, I could not scream, I’m deaf and dumb

"Belarusian path" in 1918 in an editorial wrote: "Job creation tvoruchaya reyalnyya slowly reborn throughout Belarus. Naylepshago For its development apart gramadyanskago rest which gave us zbaviushaya us from" Ivanov "German army needed social system, and such zahaval which would dauzheyshy time being and the best spirit of the people praudivym topical its needs. Council of the Republic, from nidaunyago far so she embarked on this reyalnay creative work. "
"Lim" in 1948 reported: "May 3, officials held a meeting of the Office of the Arts Council of Ministers of the BSSR. A presentation on the release of the newest municipal loan was made party secretary Ya.Yafremav. He urged all employees of the Office to subscribe to the new loan more than monthly salary salary. Subscription was completed in 18 hours. Employees subscribed for 22,415 rubles amount that is 100 percent of the monthly salary. "
"Free announcements" on this week 1998 print story deaf nursing student Anatoly Lesun "braked car, jumped militiamen seized. The police showed protocol. There wasfor it is written: "He took part in an unauthorized rally, security forces resisted, cursing, shouting nationalist, anti-presidential, anti-government slogans." I talked to him, I could not scream, I’m deaf and dumb. Taken to the tribunal. The arbitrator found that I completely silent, walked me in jail. "

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