I thought there was a whole Minsk

"The most vivid recollection — very many people wasabout. It seemed to me, Minsk that all there. 2nd — such has been the rise! I was together with his wife, we went all the way to the end, were on the rally. I beheld as policemen lined up. Later, the team and they moved us … I do not even remember how in a minute I was in a pit. When they clicked, all — in all directions. I got up and looked, that the place where the meeting was just already empty — it all happened simultaneously.

When there was, drew attention But on that: on Capital cemetery very many were policemen who kept the dogs on leashes. I saw it, wanted to photograph, but I was not given, policeman obscured, and never photographed. Well, when they came back, I saw two men in civilian-husky grabbed the 1st of the marchers, who had a tape recorder. They — one with one side, the other on the other — is willing to take him to the car. And I was close, and took 1st pushed out of their chest. He jumped back. And the young man with a tape recorder broke and fled. And for this they took me 2-sides and lead to the car. But here just Tatiana was a young poet Zinenko. She then yells from the sidewalk, "What are you taking distinguished man, a poet!" And then they let me go …

I am such as I was, and remained so for the moment. I understand all this. And then realize now I understand … "

Tags: grandparents, 1988

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