I tried to figure out how you can join in white Rus …

During the last year on the initiative and with the participation of officials in all regions of Belarus were made public organization department "Snow White Rus", which in all supports the policies of President Lukashenko. Why is it made?
Our listener Vladimir Ivanov from Smorgon tried to find the answer to this question with the original — and for this purpose went to the executive committee. What happened to that sample? I quote his letter to the "Freedom":
"I went to the reception to the deputy chairman of the regional organization — says listener. — Met me very wary. Ask:" What is the difference between the PBC and the "snow-white Rus"? And the same, and others — for Lukashenko? "To me it did not answer anything intelligible.
— How to start a company?
Said that we need a team that advised them to me. In other words, I have to prove their loyalty to the current government.
Autumn — elections to the House of Representatives. From Smorgon with a probability of 90 per cent will again run segodnyaschy MP Golubev. "Snow White Rus" to nominate its own candidate is not going to — means support Golubev.
And for what to build organizations that duplicate each other?
Another question — the construction of nuclear power plants. Great response we have caused the message that can build a nuclear plant near Astravets — is 45 km from Smorgon. Local television interviewer that no one supported this idea. Who we insure against second Chernobyl? Who will guarantee that right for Polesskoe Radiation Reserve appears Ostrovetskii?
In my opinion, if you really need to build nuclear power plants, it is necessary to place it where there is already so polluted by radiation and the earth "-

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Vladimir Ivanov from Smorgon.
Only people power can force to reckon with their views and to comply with environmental legislation. During the past weeks we have repeatedly directed attention to the situation around the construction of chemical plant in the village everybody Pukhavichy district. Weave people there continue to fight for their right to live in a clean environment. And bureaucrats are obliged to respond to the protests. Would not have them — creating a dangerous pesticides could be positioned almost under the windows of the local inhabitants.
Created subsequent letters Galina Alexander Mogilev speaks about geography recent visits of President Alexander Lukashenko. She writes:
"Visits to Southeast Asia for some 10’s of millions of dollars consider humiliating. After all, once the European direction we lose hundreds of millions or even billion euros. What does this mean? About the effectiveness of such power and luck, which is totally not worried about their own people. They worry and think only about themselves "
— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Galina Alexander of Mogilev.
What should be done in order to control Belarusian began to take in the West, these leaders are well aware. Yet, but they opt for strengthening political repression rather than dialogue with the democratic community. Therefore have yet to fly to where accepted.
Our listener Igor Stsyabulyu Minsk midst gear "Freedom" more like essays travelers Dmitry Bartosik. Igor wrote:
"It was a fascinating journey to the village Radashkavichy Molodechno district. It hurt me so much that I decided to go himself on the trail of honor sovereign Bartosik. Visited last Saturday at a Mass in a white church. Was interesting to look at, talk to people.
There are perfectly groomed in corners. But cinema "Mir" for some reason works only on weekends. Young people to go after work particularly nowhere. Fun with a bottle of beer in their hands, "

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Igor Stsyabulya from Minsk.
Cinema houses of culture in most Belarusian villages work a few days a week. Viewers less, after all, the tickets are not cheap, and home video became more accessible. Well, films in cinema brought township not the newest.
The review calls on April 12 one of the students asked why the prices of many products in Ukraine is lower than in Belarus. Specialists of "Liberty" in their own responses have focused on the fact that Ukraine is dominated by the free market economy and competitiveness, and in Belarus — state regulation. Our listener Anatoly Zherdev Gomel believes that students respond to the following questions should be more intelligible and understandable, bearing in mind that most of the audience does not have economic education. In his letter to the "Freedom" sovereign Zherdev writes:
"This is the usual example. At 2-workers — a monotonous task: fill water barrel. Only for this one given a new bucket, and another — a leaky as a sieve. So who will perform faster puzzle? Answer is very clear.
The same is true in economics. In that state, where everything is done for the sake of free movement of capital, and the tax laws in a transparent and best — with every turn of his capital transferred to the budget. The more traffic, the more complete and richer government budget.
And where there is at least some bureaucrat — navel of the earth and can strongly inhibit business turnover of capital decreases. Overdriven entrepreneur seeking to circumvent such bureaucrat who indulges in shady business. And there are no funds in the budget, and the development of all types of crime. In such a state will be secured only different kinds of offenders, and those who live on one salary or pension, have just to make ends meet
— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Anatoly Zherdev from Gomel.
Good point, sire Zherdev. Specifically, in order to read about the complex common and intelligible language when discussing the economic problems we are trying to give the word not only economists and politicians, and those who are judged on these dilemmas, starting first from their own actual experience. These guesses sound and interviewing people on the street, and in letters and calls of our listeners.
Created subsequent letters Sergei Fedorov from Pinsk, sent some newspaper articles that in various educational institutions began to operate the special commission that determine who is worthy of student discounts on travel, and who — no. Small compensation provided only for the most needy. Since December, as you know, on the initiative of President Belarusian students and students were denied the right to travel privileges in the public transport. Sergei Fedorov writes on this subject:
"Little satisfaction — that some students compensate for 10-20 thousand rubles per month for travel. A tuition at this time increased to 500 thousand. Where is the logic and justice?"
— Posted Sergei Fedorov from Pinsk.
In most European countries the student and youth without any selection boards enjoy the benefits of travel. Students (all students, without exception, not what part) with bolshennymi discount purchase their tickets on all modes of transport and travel throughout Europe and the world. Curiously, that transport companies do not complain about the losses, but on the contrary — encourage young people to travel.
At the end — a piece of sheet Victor Baranov from Rahachou which speaks about squeezing the Belarusian language from ether municipal radio and television channels. A listener writes:
"All of the Belarusian ether disappears. On all channels can be typed and two percent presenters who speak Belarusian. Generally everywhere reigns Russian and Russian "pop." It turns out not live in Belarus, and in some thoroughfare.
I at one point called Channel "Culture" and asked whether they are satisfied that make the air. What a woman said she did not always satisfied.
Lukashenko declared on ministers disk imaging and culture of their own people, and they do just what he would order them, "-

— Wrote in his own letter to the "Freedom" Viktor Baranov from Rahachou.
The current linguistic situation in the municipal air incomparable even with the one that was in Russian Belarus. Although then also at the municipal level, a policy of Russification, and television and radio was more Russian. At least, news and current affairs programs were conducted, usually in Belarusian.
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