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  • Ice cream factory "Angara"
  • Ice cream factory "Angara"

Factory "Angara" — a leading manufacturer of ice cream in Siberia and the Far East. The factory produces more than 50 varieties of ice cream, and every year several innovations happy customers.

Product quality in the 50's of last century, all over the country regularly monitored. This tradition has been preserved in the factory and to this day: ice cream own laboratory checks for compliance with state standards and safety. This ice cream is still made according to the recipes of 1953.

For the manufacture of ice cream is applied only natural milk, the production meets all health standards. No GMOs, artificial additives! Therefore, the shelf life of products is small. Quality ice cream factory "Angara" appreciated not only by Russian consumers Angarsk ice cream shipped to China and Mongolia.

In 2012, the ice cream factory "Angara" has acquired a new Italian equipment for the production of cakes and soft serve ice cream.

What can I add on my own. He came to me a guest. My friend hails from a time when everything was done in accordance with GOST and raw materials were natural. We have a small city, so special to local attractions are. I have decided to compensate our Angara tasting products. Cup cream in my guest loved — he says as a child! Over time eats up to 2 cups now. It was the case even ate three. It was amusing to see how the street is bearded, mustachioed man, there is ice cream, and more from the pockets of a glass peeps! Imagine how he was a child.


 PS I'm sorry, but my photos I did not have so taken from the official site cold storage facility. Since illustration is better.

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