If a man can, but do not want

English seksolyagi they say that the complaints of their customers more like psyhaseksualnae disorder than the problem of the relationship, because men shall be removed not only from their own sexy partnerak but sex in general. Is there such a problem in Belarus?
In Belarus, sexy research problems are not carried out, and therefore any number to call is not necessary. But seksolyagi, psychologists, other spices are often faced with a situation where a man who has no physiological problems, sex is not interested. Says psychologist Minsk City Center Family and kids Jeanne Miscavige:
"I believe that sex in our country hard. And this dilemma should be viewed from different angles, not because she declared ladies: say, a man can, but do not want. But they do not consider that sex — is not only sexual intercourse, but has yet to be sensual prelude to it. That’s absolutely not too long ago I was a young man at the reception, who said: "If the wife in the morning made me hysterical, concert, and in the evening, I understand that she wants sex — I do not want it." Very many women feel differently: that sex — is the call of duty spouse. But it is larger and deeper problem, which involves, first, with the inner world of man. "
Seksolyagi other states have learned some fascinating facts. The most very popular time for sex — late in the evening on Saturday. Most unpopular — funny day in Mon Guys who believe that the half-naked lady looks more sexy for quite bare — 43%. A guy thinks about sex an average of 2 hours a day. During the year a man spends 23 hours of sex. After sex, the average man: dozing consumes food and looks telly.
Adam Globe: "Enough to humiliate men!"
Globe writer Adam, whose family are all ok, very skeptical of Western research professionals. A charge on the female side is that men do not wish to have sex, it just angered:
"In 1-x, I do not believe this research. Interviewed likely those ladies who are not satisfied. Enough men humiliate! Humiliation men ends war. Has long been our men do not justify what they are. And they can humiliate that they are not worth what they curves … Here we have great women and men such curves. repeat enough to humiliate men! Since men can give and in the face.’s outlook is moderate Belarusian men — a writer. "
"Someone just sachkue. Sexually many lazy"
2nd Belarusian man, Yuri, whose beautiful wife, and no problems in the home life, in the western statistics also do not believe. But there is a problem, agrees, and even told what it is about:
"I think that figure is exaggerated. It seems to me, than unwilling."
Reporter: "Why do not you wish? Here are your views … "
Yuri: "Well, what from whom. Does anyone not developed any contact with the same partner. We simply do not have anyone such person. Someone is not completely healthy. And someone just sachkue. Much and too lazy. Meladze once said: "Love — this is for you, not what. Love needs to be addressed. "
Reporter: "And the time? There are also workaholics who work hard and get tired? "
Yuri: "NIGHT MODE But they do not work. And before work in the morning, do not work."
Reporter: "But hard work can somehow influence?"
Yuri: "This is in contrast, should provoke. Classroom activity — a holiday. This is a very good stay."
Psychologist Jeanne Miscavige: "Many satisfied visually sex"
Psychologist Minsk City Center family and kids Jeanne Miscavige as special, break it down:
"The first reason — those day misunderstandings that do not lead to sultry minutes. 2nd — now young people really so tired, especially in such a big city like Minsk. He was tired, because you have a lot of work that if the lady, with all its difficulties, hunting stand, a man does not want to. There are very many young people who have so much work on the extreme that they will not stand up. Also, many people are satisfied with sex and visually: he rather sit in Web, browse websites — and he no longer needs sex. Because I believe it must consider this dilemma in each case individually. "

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