If I was Pourgourides …

Sergei Skrabets, member of the House of Representatives prior convocation, says that at first would have in your example, the Belarusian authorities to translate the political affairs of the criminal atrocities:
"My persecution began in 2003, when I headed the parliamentary group" Republic. "Then I opened a criminal case, accused of preparing to give a bribe. Later there were new charges. And I had to sit behind bars Court over 9 months. And Supreme Court of the country not found a personal best, as to accuse me that I lured Tipo loans to the country.
Similar cases in Belarus lot. Marinich accused that he himself lent computers, Kozulin — that he bully …
Pricked up their own power to judge political opponents do not, but from criminal motives. Everywhere they say that we have no political prisoners, all executed as if not engaged in politics, and criminal things. "
Ira Khalip, journalist, first notes that it is easy enough to imagine, because it was not just in Strasbourg, a couple of times and listened to speeches Pourgourides performed with even the parliamentary rostrum:
"After a glittering Pourgourides reports of disappeared and are independent of the situation with the media, I think, can hardly be something new to say about the Belarusian authorities. In my opinion, it would be necessary to continue These themes and add only the new things that can really arouse the European parliamentarians.
Because I went to the rostrum of the two mentioned topics and urged MEPs to forget about the fact that they almost can not do anything, just give advice in their own resolutions. I would call upon them to come together with the European Union, the United States and make a common center to work with Belarus. To this center could assist us, Belarusians, to change the situation in our country. And just gathered to say something again and vote for the latest resolution, it seems to me silly waste of time. "
Valentin Stefanovich, human rights activist, first noted the political persecution of opponents current government:
"Naturally, as a human rights activist before that I would read about the politically motivated persecution of government opponents. This phenomenon, which exists in Belarus and which indicates that our country is far not democratic. Authority allows for yourself specifically to persecute people for their political views.
I would mention the existence of political prisoners in Belarus. First of Alexander Kozulin, who present a day or is in prison.
And, of course, I’d read that in the Belarusian legislation is Article 193-ca, which is contrary to the Constitution and Belarus, and the International Covenant on Political and civilian rights. He’s just not compatible with the current jurisprudence of Europe. "
Mieczyslaw Mushroom, Honored Lawyer of Belarus, recalls an episode from my own experience:
"In Belarus, some people are judged not for what they did something. Against their use criminal articles providing responsibility for the activities, which in fact was not.
I personally suffered when he went to the authorized rally in honor of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus in 1994. Gathered very many people. Walk along the boardwalk was not enough room for all. And sometimes some people pushed into the roadway. I also went so maybe 20-30 steps near the boardwalk. And I was accused — offender is given a fine — already 20 million. It was fine naikrupneyshim in Belarus, which was held this year 5.
And no one in the court not listen to me, did not want to be aware of. They even rubbed their hands with delight. "
Valery Shchukin, human rights activist, knows that at this moment he is in Minsk, where judged D.Liseenke:
"The man went into politics. And went quite intensively. And he accused article — drugs, fake money. And it — up to fifteen years, although it looks that it all slipped.
It’s like administrative punishment — two police officers indicate that you swore, and anyone else not prove. I personally was sitting three times like for a mate, although I do not drink mate. And three times was sitting! "

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