If the enemy does not give up — he must be destroyed

Under the heading "From all sides" "Nasha Niva"In 1908, reported:" For this time arraigned redaktarou progressive newspapers in the well — 16 February — 12, just 28 hours Closed administration progressive newspapers in the well — 16 February — 6, and a total of 24; prygovoram on ships during the same time closed four newspapers. — According to Circular 3 Junes 1907 progressive newspaper editors fined for "glorification of crimes", etc.: in with acoustic — 38 Ed. at 24,100 rubles.; February — 15 editorial. to 9,300 rubles of 53 editors. at 33,400 rubles. "
"Vitebsk proletarians" in 1938 notes, "majestically humanist Gorky belongs phrase:" Man — the crown of nature. "But the bitter enemies of the revolution to the implacable, in which he did not recognize anything human. Nezagasalnay hatred dyshats line of his articles directed against the 48 pests — organizers wrecking food prymyslovastsi. rebuked them not only as domestic opponents, and as agents of international capital. Lofty humanist says: "If the enemy does not give up — he must be destroyed."
"Evening Minsk", year 1968. The newspaper published an official report: "The CPSU Central Committee, the Presidium Supreme Council and the Council of Ministers of the USSR with the deepest regret report that March 27, 1968 as a result of the disaster at a training flight in an airplane catastrophically died first in the world conqueror of space, the famous cosmonaut, a member of the Communist Party, MP Supreme Council USSR, Hero Russian Union, Colonel Yuri Gagarin. "

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