In 2009, gas prices for Belarus may cost $ 203

Theme issue of the weekly "Bel"- Detentions and beatings of members celebrating the 90th anniversary of the Belarusian People’s Republic, also raided the offices and apartments-independent journalists. Reports to deputy editor Victor Martinovic:
"Comes an interview with Andrew Lyankevich who knows what happened to him. Also interview with Nikolai Statkevich, which we wonder why was not announced additional gathering place, why in the ranks of the protesters was slight panic. As a guest in our professional expressed Rainer Lindner — German political scientist. He answers the question, prepared by the European Union to join the U.S. sanctions. In the context of the events that took place all week in Belarus and in the streets, and with journalists. In including those who are representatives of the media, funded from Europe. "

Another topic in the current issue of the magazine — the willingness of Russian "Gazprom" to increase gas price Belarus. "That did not happened in Belarus remains two ways: enter into a confederation with Russia or positioned on its territory a nuclear weapon" — report "Bel".
Subject increase Russian gas prices for Belarus — one of the biggest in the current issue of the newspaper "Belarusians and Market. " Says journalist Manyanok:
"On January 1, 2009 gas price for Belarus can get 203 bucks. This is according to preliminary estimates. The Belarusian side did not expect this from this situation will be hard to leave. Moreover, they refer to this state of devilish. Russian MPs they say that there is an outlet for Belarus — is integration. This will give the opportunity to cooperate in the military sphere, then arrange a nuclear weapon, and so on. So Makarov, gas again became a bargaining chip in the political trade between Belarus and Russia. "

"Belarusians and Market" also finds the answer to the question why the government acts were more violent in the day specifically celebrating the 90th anniversary of the BNR. Also what purpose was the story of the searches in the offices and apartments-independent journalists. Their views in this topic Participants are divided into events, politicians, political, human rights defenders.
Beyond Edition "Gantsevichi time"Reports on the results of research on the topic — what foods and how much can be carried across the border. This question was addressed in a newspaper of local residents, whose border guards seized three pounds of sausages, report editor Peter Guzaevsky:
"I started to call, since Border Committee. Redirecting me there until such time as it has not bothered me. Then I called Brest customs and they told me that there is no such prohibition. Up to 5 kg of food items can be carried. And this is what something arbitrariness. That this man said that if a subsequent time will go by all means write a complaint to customs. "

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