In Belarus, build houses out of grass

Apartment in the capital Minsk is from 50 to 120 thousand dollars. To build a house on a dirt section, you must have more than 15 thousand dollars just to build materials. Are there other kinds of Belarus in the construction? Can the average Belarusian now build a house yourself and your own family?
Our correspondent learned that there candidacy ordinary construction. Build ecological, a cheap and reliable home possible for one season.
Candidacy of brick, wood and reinforced concrete ladies can make at home from straw bales. The Center "Habitat" Research Institute of Urban Development designed to develop the construction of ecological houses. Everything you need to build a house — it’s bales of rye grass which can be purchase at least some collective farm, clay and wood for the frame.
Such a house would cost 40% less for wood. Distinctive feature: energy conservation it has no equal. Heating the house itself will take 3-4 times less fuel. But the house of straw bales to the same beneficial impact on health.
Usually melts four questions: mouse, the strength, fire and vodavstoylivasts. Managing "Habitat Centre" Evgeny Shirokov said:
"Until such time as the straw wall plate is not closed, use open fire on a construction site can not. Closes her plastering on the grid, or tsamentna particle board, or drywall. Regarding mice, when facing tight to the grass, no mice will not. This is 11 years of experience in the operation of such homes. "
First house of straw bales in Belarus built in 1995 in the village and Mihedovichi Kuritichi in Petrikovsky district of Gomel region. Calculated that they lower energavydatki to build 150 times energavydatki heating 4-5 times the price of 1 square meter — in 3-4 times. Later such houses built in the village of Friendly and several houses in the adjacent Zanarachy on Myadelchyne. Built them together with German volunteers for immigrants from the Chernobyl zone. Architects they say that these homes from "homes for the poor," fled to the category of "smart homes for the rich."
These homes are built in the U.S., Germany and the UK. Projects of Belarusian thatched houses and fulfillment programs from straw construction were awarded the prize for energy efficiency and sustainable energy in 2000 and nominated for "Habitat" UN.
Designer Dmitry Tsihashyn built a house out of straw bales for his own family. He says that his wife and granddaughter, who was ill with asthma, in a house feel even better.
"It gives an opportunity though what man build a house with his own hands.’s The thing. This solution of the housing difficulties for the young generation. People can take the credit for small and means to do for themselves excellent living conditions. This enables a person to be realized. A it is very fundamentally now, when men take to drink, so as not being able to do what they require from their spouses … What is needed build housing … But he can not save as much money as you want to give to someone else to build a house. "
Houses of straw blocks, architects can stand 300-400 years. And later on they do not problems with the disposal of garbage.
What did then start prevents general construction houses from straw bales, so eventually solve the housing difficulties?
Evgeny Shirokov says that the reason is ordinary:
"Nobody is interested in the construction of dwellings cheapest kind. Since pricing system we are left such as in the days of socialism. Other words, the builder can get revenue from somewhere 30% of the price of building materials. Profitable construction companies possible more energazatratnyya resursazatratnyya and materials, methods, etc. We all goes according to estimates. But the situation changes when the customer and the contractor appear on one side of the barricades. Some leaders build organizations have built such houses for themselves, but absolutely do not want to build such houses for others, for the market. "
Ivan Kulakov recently built a house for himself near Minsk. He said that vyznat of such houses of environmental magazine. Compared with wood house he built 15 years ago, it cost half the price.
"For me, in the foreground were ekalyagichnasts later account, and on the 3rd — the speed of construction. Needed for construction experience of architects and builders who have previously built such houses. Certainly, building a straw home early."
In This year developers had planned to build a village of two or four 10-s houses equipped with other power supply systems, sewerage, etc. The inhabitants of this village for several years will collect information for the upcoming construction. Architects believe that these projects will be able to take their place in ecological construction of the country. Tags: construction, straw, blocks, other

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