In Belarus, the IMF mission sent

The amount of aid that can provide programmke on stand-by, yet to be found, said the emperor Strauss-Kahn.
IMF mission, headed by representative of the unchanging in Russia Neven Mates, will work in Minsk from 27 October to 6 November, reports Interfax.
"Global monetary crisis negatively impacted on the Belarusian economy, access to external financing. At the same time, changes in the situation in international trade impacted badly on the balance of payments" — the IMF said.
Belarusian government and the State Bank of 22 October addressed to the IMF for an emergency loan of 2 billion dollars USA.
Belarus gold reserves calculated by means of the state, up 4.9 billion dollars USA. In September, they fell by 11.8% in the highest demand for the currency.
September 29 — October 4 in Belarus worked regular yearly IMF mission that studied the economic situation and produced advice on economic policy.
September 17-30 in Minsk on a joint mission of the International monetary fund and Vsyasvetanaga Bank, which welcomed the outcome of the government’s actions in Belarus in the financial sector since the previous mission in 2004.
During this period, Belarus received from the IMF tranche 2 for programmke systemic transformation in August 1993 ($ 98 million) and in February 1995 ($ 101.7 million), as one tranche stand-by in September 1995 ($ 101 , 7 million).
Whereupon Fund no longer gave credit to Belarus, as the financial policy of the country did not meet the advice in this international organization.
First 2004 Belarusian government and the State Bank said that durable cease negotiations with the IMF. Now Belarus has no obligations under previous IMF loans. February 1 2005 held last payment on IMF loans.
Belarus is a member of the IMF since 1992.

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