In Belarus, the peak holiday activity

About car runs merchants offer seedlings of fruit trees, shrubs and even exotic plants. Flowers for prestigious presently alpine, an integral part of landscape design, enjoy great demand. And they are not inexpensive. For example, crocuses can be purchased from 500 to 5 thousand rubles per bulb. Lilies are from 4 to 8 thousand rubles. The most expensive plants — those that are planted around the ponds and in the pool. The most accessible lily costs 50 000.

Seedling, for example, apples should be 85-90 cm long with well-developed root system

Traders almost always they say that the seedlings are very different and the collection will have for the next year. But scientists from the Institute pladavodtva warn that shoppers risk purchase did not what to pay money.
Employee of apple and pear trees Sergei Leles gives advice cottagers:
"Saplings better to take in our institute, because for you will be guaranteed that what was on the label, and you will grow. Seedling, for example, apple be 85-90 cm in length with well-developed root system. "
As of last week was the peak purchase seedlings. Says an employee of the sales department Galina Nesterovich:
"We have only apple late winter periods of aging. And virtually no choice. From berries we currant dark. Aktsinidy There is not, nor zhymalastsi nor rowan garden."

Of berries we currant dark. No aktsinidy nor zhymalastsi nor rowan garden

Scientists warn that seedlings from Moldova, the Caucasus or our winter could not resist. In addition, the Belarusian legislation provides for liability for distributing seedlings, which are not included in the registry and have no prospects. And private individuals and organizations for it can be punished by fines.
Head of Marketing Department Alexander Shudlovski said seedlings, which implements Institute, once a year is not Expensive over 8%. Tree stands 6700 and bush — 4800 rubles. Meanwhile traders on the street for such seedlings asked almost twice as expensive.
If even 10 years ago in the villages and country houses could see sections on ordinary apple, cherry, plum, currant, gooseberry, at the moment even more began to take place flowers and exotic plants. Hobby alpine slides led to the fact that the stones, which are usually carried over the fence at the moment vorachivayutsya in gardens.

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