In Bucharest NATO summit begins

A few hours before the summit, U.S. President George Bush delivered a speech in Bucharest in which outlined the position own country on the main issues of international security.
U.S. President focused on 3 areas: an action plan for accession to NATO for Georgia and Ukraine, the deployment of a missile defense system parts in Europe and increase the military contingent in Afghanistan. He stated:
"Here in Bucharest, we must make it clear to realize that NATO welcomes the intention of Georgia and Ukraine to join NATO and offer them a clear path merits this purpose. My country’s position is clear: NATO should offer Georgia and Ukraine Action Plan to achieve membership."
The same South American favorite read in Kiev yesterday. Now he stressed that NATO should be open to all European nations, regardless of the objections of.
Intention to Kiev and Tbilisi to join NATO cause a very bad reaction from Moscow. A day or two back the head of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov read about the "unscrupulous" aspirations of Georgia and Ukraine. Now, speaking in the State Duma, he turned with a stark warning to Georgia.
Lavrov"Totally unacceptable likely Georgia’s attempt to use force to resolve conflicts, and even more use for that entry into NATO. This will radically change the situation. What are the inhabitants of Abkhazia and South Ossetia, and most of them — the citizens of Russian Federation."
Against the adoption of an action plan for Georgia and Ukraine are the leading members of NATO, Germany and France. In their opinion, these countries do not correspond to aspects of NATO. They refer to the territorial challenges in Georgia, the negative attitude of public opinion in Ukraine and on the need not to antagonize Russia.
In his speech in Bucharest, President Bush reiterated his intention to make missile defense in Europe. He said the ability of joining the Russian air defense radar and that the United States allow an unprecedented level of cooperation with Russia on this issue. Bush stressed that the air defense system is not aimed against Russia, its purpose — to prevent possible missile attack from Iran.
It is expected that the issue of missile defense in Europe will be a major one in the process of negotiations between Presidents George W. Bush and Vladimir Putin in Sochi this Friday. The Russian President also will be at the NATO summit in Bucharest, but his performance is not provided.
U.S. President in his own speech touched on the current growth kantyngentu NATO in Afghanistan. He said:
Bush"Afghanistan until now faces many challenges. Enemy dislodged from their positions and holds the key to any one of the cities in the country. But, though the enemy was defeated in battle, he turned to the terrorist strategy. And if we ease the pressure, the extremists again create outposts across the country to threaten the people of Afghanistan and our people.’s why we will continue to fight. "
Most of the NATO forces in Afghanistan is relatively harmless north, fighting in the South with the Taliban and "Al Qaeda" fighters are only 4 countries: USA, England, the Netherlands and Canada. Recently the summit, French President Nicolas Sarkozy agreed to bring in an additional 600 French fighter Afghanistan. Tags: Our homeland, Afghanistan, Bucharest, spa, Ukraine, Georgia, summit, NATO

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