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Tribunal. Case "chatyrnatsatstsi" and Andrei Kim. Circus. Hysterical referee with a thick mustache and Attorney incorrect diction police witnesses who are confused about the testimony, "peace in the hall!" and a ban on even smirk.
I indescribable miracle took place in the hall, we can say "Penetrated" for 3-guys in leather jackets, which, of course, have been no issues. Cops saw my chest white-red-white icon, torn. Before entering the tribunal promptly "appeared" two OMON and prapushchali people. Stopped only by journalists, diplomats and relatives. Asatniya merzli how many hours on the street.
In the hall behind bars Kim on the first bench of the accused: the majority of T-shirts with the words "I Love Belarus" shape around Belarus, rear — excerpt from Kantstytutsyi "freedom rallies and marches."
Convicted kept adequately and safely, and it is excellent.) Is not great such people judged.
But, for example, pieces of speech those who judge, and specifically examine the witness-ment two meters:
1st — They threw snowballs at me.
— Since snow is not it?
— Slightly snow was on the lawns …
2nd — Where were you at the time?
— About vehicles.
— A where he was vehicles?
— Well, where we transport.
— A where he was transport?
— About me.
3rd — What did Krivoy during detention?
— Shouted anti-state motto "Long Live Belarus" and interfered with the work of transport.
— Which made it difficult to transport it?
— … Everything.
Fourth — You beheld demonstrators zbivali cops?
— Yes. I beheld, as fell cap … (Ambiguous pause) /

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