In factories cancel social surcharges

On these facts in Grodno and Bobruisk "Freedom" Report. And now the same information already received from Borisov.
Dweller Borisova Alexander Davydov, working at the plant "Autogydrousilitel" said now that the management company refuses to ordinary employees in the real assistance:

"No help people, because there is no gain!"

"We currently austerity. Previously, in accordance with the collective agreement, were social payments from profits. And now held council directorate, which is usually considered such statements. Accumulated so many requests. But the director said:" There is no help because there is no gain! " Threw back the pile of applications. "
Unitary Enterprise "Autogydrousilitel" produces control mechanisms, cylinders and other components for the auto technology. 80 percent of the products are shipped to Russia. Because of this, and now prepyadstviya. GAZ, PAZ, KAMAZ and other factories suffer from the financial crisis and the devices shall be removed from supplies from Belarus.

Crisis and expects BATE

In crisis and uniformly drawn naikrupneyshim enterprise Borisov — Autotractor plant equipment. As predicted by the chairman of the trade union committee BATE Sergei Bouzou, the worst situation is expected in December and January:
"Russians go on holiday on December 25 and all: the order will not be there for a month. Russian banks will not work. No payment will not take place. So I think as we come out of this situation? "
And oh so interlocutor explains why suffer specifically Russian companies partners:
"Avtozavod GAS, e.g., reduce its volume by 30 percent. A Borisov "Autogydrousilitel" supplies the GAZ to 90 percent of their own products. Here such makarom This chain is built. And the same neighborhood made all BelAz dump … "

"Today the Belarusian leader can go on inflation"

In an economic crisis that is gaining strength, there is a political nuance. Above it reflects Sergei Antonchick — Favourite workers’ strikes in the 1990s.
"Crisis, after which hundreds of thousands of people remain without work, Belarus will not. Managing Today the country can go for inflation, the machine can run and throw the empty means that all people were in poverty in one day. And if that is not going to happen, that active confrontation should not wait. "
"This is my personal opinion," — emphasizes Sergei Antonchick.

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