In friendly start to prepare for the referendum

The letter, which the applicants received from the Constitutional Court, takes three pages of text. Activist Lena Butkovskaya said "Freedom" that at first he still supplies the fight against bans on public authorities’ activities of the population.
"We have asked about the fact that we now forbid gather together, to disseminate information, etc.. And in reply says that these rights guaranteed by Article 34 of the Constitution of Belarus. And we decided that, according to this letter, we will appeal to the courts, when on-site feel that we are not have the right to rallies, pickets and other. "
According to Lena Butkovskaya, an appeal to the Constitutional Tribunal was caused by the need to hold a local referendum:
"After all, if there are claims on local referendum, in today’s Belarusian legislation contains loopholes that allow the power of his" kill. "It is written that to get permission for a referendum must collect signatures from 10% of the population. But it is not written, or it 10 % of the population in each locality Fri If we create a whole, we can say that it does not comply with the law. There are times you need to fix it. "
According to the response of the Constitutional Court, on July 1 in Belarus gaining strength and configuration additions to the Law "On Environmental Protection". Article 13 of the Act allows local authorities to stop economic activities that damage the environment.
Ask Lena Butkovskaya either reinforces this message of hope to a referendum?
"In any event, we reserve all rights for themselves. For we do not know how this fight will continuesmiling. And we will use all the abilities to overcome in including and through a referendum. "
Belarusian company closed joint stock company "August-Bel" did naikrupneyshim Russian manufacturer of chemical plant protection from diseases and pests — JSC "August". CEO Alexander Uskov this office — Belarusian origin. There is evidence that his ancestors live in the center of the Grodno region. On this evidence and the fact that the destination in Belarus representative of "August" Sergei Vskova. His present office is based in Grodno, on the street named after bitter.
Russian company "August" based August 31, 1990. Resells chemicals. Since 1996, "August" develops its creation on Vurnarski factory mixed drugs in Chuvashia. Earlier dust produced here on the needs of the entire USSR.
According to the company, "August", annual sales reached the 4 billion Russian rubles. Shred Russian company producing pesticides — 20%. The company aims to capture the markets of Belarus (currently it here fraction — 12%), and Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine.
First information on the company "August" in Belarus dated January 18 2007. Alexander Uskov then stated that in his plans — to build for 2008 plant and start producing products in spring 2009.
First site under construction, was elected in the industrial zone Kolyadichi near Minsk. But by examining the impact of future production on the environment, 12 professionals of the State Academy gave a negative opinion. In the case of chemical plant tragedy threatened before Chizhovka neighborhoods, Shabana, Kurasovshchina, Loshitsa.
As a result, under the operational plans of the industrial site hit Minsk TPP-5, nearby villages and everybody Svislach Pukhavichy district. Here expelled plot of 13 hectares. 5 acres of them — so called "Unproductive land" who sowed this spring.
According to preliminary estimates, the cost of building the first plant — about 17 million bucks. Further, as to justify the newly appointed director of the office "August-Bel» Victor Ryzhov, likely build the second phase of the plant, even more power. According Ryzhov, the planned capacity of the first stage — 7 thousand tons per year. According to preliminary estimates, the company will be able to provide up to 40% of the domestic market of Belarus.
Belarus plans to produce about 20 kinds of poison, to destroy weeds and crop pests.
According to the general director of "August" Alexander Vskova mission of his company — "to offer the best all-embracing solutions in the field of agricultural production not only in Russia and the CIS, and in Europe." Belarus This is the meaninge — the best starting place.
Patrons ecology in Belarus called the company’s plans "August" aggressive and harmful. In the immediate vicinity of the village of everybody at a depth of 35 meters aquifers are drinking water that is supplied to Minsk. And since the new construction does not provide for treatment facilities, the effluents and emissions will fall into the river and drainage channels Svislach channel which completely close.
Specialists also say that if a tragedy happens, emissions reach Minsk less than half an hour. The capital of amicably straight only 23 kilometers.
In social protest are participating at least 5705 people. On this day specifically collected many signatures under an appeal to the government and Lukashenko to ban construction of the plant "August-Bel." People, many of which were focused in the area of PUKHOVICHY affected by the Chernobyl disaster locations, fear for their safety, and in particular — their own kids. Already held five public meetings and rallies. According to protest organizer Sergei Obrazovskogo, in particular the risk zone of the plant "in August-Bel" may prove least 25 thousand people.
Today playground defined for "August", guarded her twine fence system and imported materials here. According to the director Victor Ryzhov, while building a very slowed down because of the "popular protest". In addition, Ryzhov sovereign recognizes that the decision of the Belarusian government about this title until the construction has been granted. "You can not hire labor and transport system design from Russia," — says Victor Ryzhov.
Plant construction project was supported by the chairman of the National Academy of Misha Myasnikovich, chief sanitary doctor of Belarus Valentina Kachan and chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee Leonid Krupets.

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