In Germany started an action in support of Kazulin

What is the meaning stocks? We talked about it with one of its members — Burnt Schulze.
For young berlintsa, the fate of Belarusian political prisoner Alyaksandr Kozulin know a lot of Germans, in the midst of human rights activists and politicians in the midst.
"Last week," the International Amnesty "called on the German parliament to write a letter to the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to release this political prisoner. This appeal was supported by 17 members of the Bundestag. Short name this man each time becomes more known. And that’s our goal, "- says Bernt Schulze.
As for stocks with evratsentam, then, according to the interlocutor of "Freedom", it was supported not only human rights activists and politicians, and representatives of students, church organizations. So, some German pastors at Easter services, coupled with the believers prayed for this Belarusian political prisoner.
Burnt Schulze wants, but realized that it to true:
"We do not want to finance the Belarusian regime," — he says. — "Even if people support us tyscha embassy will only get only 10 euros. Our goal — that possible more Germans, translating own dime just wrote only two words — "Freedom to Kazulin!" — And so on account of the Belarusian embassy appeared hundreds of records with these words. We wish that the Belarusian authorities knew in Germany remember the fate of Belarusian political prisoners. Compared with the classical requirements for the release of political prisoners by mail or fax, this action is clearly more extraordinary. "
As evidenced by Bernt Schulze action "in support of Kazulin Evratsent" will be held until Friday inclusive. On Saturday, it becomes clear the number of participants.
By Bernt Schulze, there are people who are skeptical about this initiative and even cynical. They said: "All the same mode does what he wants. "In response, the young German defenders they say:" A drop hollows out a stone. "Tags: Kozulin, International, Amnesty, German

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