In Golshany closed museum

Head Museum Czeslaw Okulevich, states that the structure of the state is really scary. Ordered the closure added nedavneshnie tragic actions under Aranburgam Russian school where the ceiling collapsed and killed students.
"Cracks are very significant and growing. What to do — we have to somehow rescue the building and facilities, as we realized, no. Commission came And watched and fire, and FEMA."
Franciscan monastery, where a museum, founded in 1618, it is almost the same age as the castle, which was built in the 1610th. Ms. Okulevich says that is not for myself at the moment without Golshan museum, as each year it attracts thousands of tourists to 13.
The museum has nine employees. New work they have not offered. I asked the cashier, Lena: what it will do when the museum close?
"That gives me a hint junior researcher that if perceive, we will go to the farm to feed the pigs and milk the cows."
Next to the museum — ancient sovereign Kamenica Peter Yavidovicha. He wanted to open a museum of old in her hours, but legislation at the moment, him, such it must register PUE, well, a lot of cardboard and general problems.
Sovereign Yavidovich very much regrets that the museum is closed because tourists come here every day.
"And how many movies filmed here. Only for this year I was a hero "Belarusfilm" and "Mosfilm". The shooting occurred in the monastery, where the museum is located. "
According to legend, the wizard who built a monastery, exhausted from landslides, immured in a wall of a lady — as a victim. It was believed that the walls are kept at her anger. I ask Mrs. Okulevich not mean cracked wall that anger at the lady has been completed?
Okulevich: "You see, here, if read from the magical point of view, the 400-year history, the building has some of his manifestations: these creaking, groaning, grabbing baby … I would never here for one night did not go so terribly."
Ms. Okulevich states that exposure which imported here from the State Museum, will be picked up, but in the same room is a gift from their descendants Ferdinand Ruschitz from Poland. They gave reproductions of the artist to show specifically Golshanskiy museums.
Ms. Okulevich hopes that the authorities will restore one of the museum of old stone buildings Golshansky. However, states that the District Department of Culture will not be able to keep 9 salaried employees.
Okulevich: "I hope and I heard people write letters to support the preservation of our museum, so he kept the artistic direction, but where they sent them and what comes of it, I do not know. "

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