In ground currents that destroy water pipes

"Belarusian Way" in 1918, said: "It takes a second month addition time, as the last of the Mohicans rasiyskago Uradovago centralism balshevitskiya satraps escaped from Minsk. Dark is always on their memory of our people, which was already so close zdavalosya from Bozhanov goals for themselves — nizalezhnastsi. Their escape from the circle of those languid ended razcharavannyav that people had to endure in times tsarskago later revalyutsyynago Great-dominance in our region. "
"Russian Belarus" in 1928 launched a debate on the theme of "A Streetcar or bus?": "Due to the fact that the second conductor of the electron current in the tram rails are in the ground there bludyachyya currents that destroy water pipes, from which decreases the duration of their Construction work … the tram will cost millions of rubles, and the expansion of bus traffic in a similar efektse funds requires 5 times less. Coupled with the fact ekspleatatsyya-kilometer bus again still cheaper than car-kilometer tram. "
"Evening Minsk" in 1968 writes about statistics: "Do you realize how much we have at the moment? 804.5 thousand! Such accordance with the design population of Minsk on January 1 this year. On the same date in the seventeenth wasabout 134.5 thousand … As for natural increase, then there can compete with us far not every "Western" capital … At the moment, every inhabitant of the town an average of 9.2 square meter total area instead of the former seventh We are living in their own homes more comfortable and a lot of space. "

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