In Kondrat Nettles appeared literary heir?

Chief editor of "Free News" Vasily Zdanyuk knows that in 52 rooms in the past year and 12 rooms in This year on the pages of newspapers printed Belarusian-language works in a unique poetic genre lampoon. In the final book, entitled "Deja tar" on 2-acres of pages of material moved almost twice as much — 100-plus humorous anecdotes. Book is richly illustrated with drawings.
To convince the emperor Zdanyuka when journalism (not to mention the mass Fiction) nobody will amaze, the verse satire — it is a rare and unique genre, which may have the widest possible audience. But the identity of the creator, then the time to keep Zahav edition of secrecy:

Behind him fully qualified person, pretty recognizable in literary circles Belarusian

"We can say that behind him fully qualified person, pretty recognizable in literary circles Belarusian. Only prompt that view — the code to decipher the names. On my awareness, as I understand it, this phenomenon in a certain sense. I’m not saying about literary pros, although there is very tongue canceled. But no one in my memory for many years in this genre so systematically and so quite a few writes. single sample may have some places in newspapers or magazines. Kondrat But after Nettles — well, no such person, 100 pieces that wrote them like that, then that’s the style. "
It clarifies Zdanyuk Basil, "Deja tar" published by the creator. But at the time the book Ales overlooking faced with sudden, though decisive neuvvyazkami:
"He faced bolshennymi neuvvyazkami during the trial edition books here, although it is printed in the" free news "over the past year, all the themes taken from transparent sources. In other words, every skit he started with such a small cut from newspapers, whether it is in fact "Free News" also with "Belgazeta", "Narodnaya Volya" Belarusian "Komsomolskaya Pravda", etc. Topics drawn from life, and he just gave them such feletonny continued here. But he denied 10 people in publishing, inclusive with friends who went to the publishing business. No he did not agree to print just fearfully afraid. He spit on everything went to Smolensk and published there. Currently brought completely normal book. "

Poet Sergei Zakonnikau on the pages of "free news" in the same category "Viewpoint" for three years publishes his "reflection" about life in Belarus. On newspaper pages and Sergey Zakonnikau Ales views — neighbors. And the sovereign outlook regarding tests Zakonnikova own colleagues in the field of poetic lampoon:
"I am very laudatory to this genre, genre lampoon. See what comes out even in Russian time, without looking at what was and censorship, but the genre lampoon — and everyday, and there was even a verse in the newspaper" Pravda "," News "," Trud ". Many publications printed feature articles. I think now in this field is actually created only currently works. Because this attitude is very positive. "
Reporter: "That is, itself for itself niche poetic lampoon reality just is not busy? "
"So, a niche was busy and he very prudently used this niche. His clever satire, all in moderation, is not there something very salty, not to the edge, stopped at the border, where you can read and even rude about our life. But yet, I think he is in any genre reached the fortune. Not all of them are equal, these humorous anecdotes, but the vast majority is what is read. And by the way: I’m heading to the author of "Free News" and I often get letters of readers and there people of different social status and satirical articles mentioned. They are very laudatory refer to this work. Because I share view our people. "
All themes in verse feuilleton collected on the pages of the book "Deja dezgtsyu" as had read my interlocutors, taken from life. Wrapped in a clever form of old they are talking about and have the usual things — nedalekasts blizarukasts officials and indifference of the authorities, the forced padparadkavanasts ordinary people.

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