In Minsk, appealed to the Russian Federation under the banner of the Hulk

Belarus — meeting of solidarity with political prisoners, "Belarusian-Russian Union day", Syarhey Skrabets, Valer Fralou, Minsk, 02Apr2008
: The park has a lot of youth, flags BSDP (Gromada), white-red-white. Sergei Skrabets came to share with the flag of the free Tibet. First meeting that has already occurred, change layout shares: police were ordered to roll streamers "Freedom to Kazulin!" And "Our homeland, give a break from Lukashenko" because they allegedly did not match the content of the ordered action. They also were ordered to roll white-red-white flags. But organizers turned only streamers and flags left.
The rally was Sergei Skrabets. He spoke in favor of the freedom of political prisoners in Belarus, claimed freedom for Andrei Kim, Alexander Kozulin, Sergei Parsyukevich and all political prisoners. Later took the word of General Frolov, which read, that only with Russia Belarus reaches well-being and people will consume less alcohol.
Then he made a member of the Communist Party General Bokov, his performance was filled with nostalgia for the USSR. After he took the word of a member of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Ales Streltsov — he called on Russia to end the practice of political "landings" in Belarus, complete suppression of freedom, that in Russia as an ally of the problems did not appear because of Belarus recognize globally as a dictatorship. By Ales Streltsov, Belarus wants to be with Russia, but in the European Union.

Belarus — meeting of solidarity with political prisoners, "Belarusian-Russian Union day", Minsk, 02Apr2008, Tags: rally, solidarity, Skrabets Frolov, friendship, people, political prisoners

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