In Minsk arrived head of the cabinet of the European Commission

Tsigankov: "Andrew, you met with the sovereign Holzapfel … Can we draw any conclusions, as it is guided in Belarusian affairs? "

Fedorov: "I really met him a couple of times, but not himself-on-itself. Certainly. Ethe man experienced in our affairs. Previously, he worked in Kiev, where practically acting coordinator for relations with Belarus Consulate European Commission to Ukraine and Belarus. So he certainly has all the pertinent information, and certainly was one of the main actors in the negotiations, which were between Minsk and the European Commission at the opening of the office. "
Tsigankov: "At least, until the Belarusian authorities to his personality no negative claims?"

I believe that the main focus of the European Commission will study the technical and economic side

Fedorov"Anyway, nothing like that was not announced. No problems with his arrival did not appear."
Tsigankov"Almost since the arrival of the emperor Holzapfel office of the European Commission, we can say, begins its work. How looks the mandate of the structure, or it has already been formed?"
Fedorov"I am confident that the mandate has been agreed — on the other there would be no signed agreement. Clearly, Belarusian authorities have so called "Vick syndrome" — they are very afraid that some western formal structure that works here, will repeat activities of the former manager AMG Vick and practically engaged in political affairs.
Last year in July, Jean-Eric Holzapfel represented aaplet cooperation between the European Commission and Belarus in the field of energy. This programm state action entitled "Supporting the development and implementation of an overall energy strategy for the Republic of Belarus. I believe that the main focus of the European Commission will study the technical and economic side. As for political relations, with this until there is no clarity"

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