In Minsk, hundreds of people detained about

Solemn celebration failed. Yakub Kolas afternoon was blocked by police, on its perimeter iron gates were installed. Yet, on the approaches to the square with the various parties in 18 hours time, there were about 2 thousand people. People are not able to gather in a single column, were broken by police in rows into several groups. During extrusion demonstrators Yakub Kolas police are very beat them, threw on the ground.

, Dashkevich, Artur Finkevich activists of youth organizations, Ivan Shyla, Illya Bohdan Eugene Afnahel journalists "Nasha Niva". Andrew and Simon Liankevich Pechenko Middle of the detainees were also several minors and a citizen of Ukraine. Yuri Biryuk
There is evidence of a very damaged and the wounded.
Demonstrators held a rally at the short-lived structures Academy, authorities refused the offer the march and rally in the square Bangalore. Several 10’s of people were preventively detained before the action, including — painter, Ales Marachkin NIGHT MODE is taken from his workshop in conjunction with posters made by him, and a young activist. Franak Vyachorka

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