In Parsiukevich completed medication

Letter received now wife Natalia businessman. In a letter Parsukevich writes that the meeting with the doctor he does not help, because "all the same there is no conventional pharmaceuticals and if I have an attack, I will chop evfelin. "
Natalia explained to that this is the cheapest kind medicines that doctors favor during asthma attacks, they very strong and often do not use their need.
"He also has a nose prepyadstviya. Lawyer I sent a certificate that he is once a year goes to the clinic, he removed polyps, otherwise he can not breathe. He writes, there even that of Dr. No "- said Natalia.
Lawyer, who previously met with S.Parsyukevich said that feels not the best way. He aggravated asthma. Medication he had run out, and the new had pass now.
Natalia said that so far has no disk imaging, passed S.Parsyukevich needed medication. Natalia also said that the hospital district doctor called and asked to come to the next Sergey medical examination.
Sergei Parsyukevich March 4, is behind bars. He is suspected of beating a guard in the prison Alexander Dulub Akrestsin Street where Parsukevich serving arrest after meeting businessmen. Sergei Parsyukevich declares that Actually that he was a victim of police violence. "They fabricated the case, that by avoiding responsibility," — said the businessman on a keeper on Akrestin bullpen.
Case businessman Sergei Parsyukevich transferred from the prosecutor’s office in the Metropolitan Tribunal.

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