In pictures: JSC Instrument Design Bureau (Tula)

Located in Tula Instrument Design Bureau (PCU) — one of the largest enterprises of the defense industry in Russia. PMA is a powerful research and production center, creating the most advanced system of high-precision weapons. KBP — one of the world leaders in the development of weapons.

Design office develops anti, artillery and anti-aircraft systems, tank and gunnery weapons and ammunition. It also is developing hunting and sporting weapons, air defense systems and even medical lasers (used in ophthalmology, dentistry and, of course, cosmetology).

 The story begins in the CPP in 1927 with the establishment of design office handguns at the Tula Arms Plant. Traditions Tula gunsmiths much help in his new venture development: in 1931 the Red Army adopted a TT pistol. The famous "Tula Tokarev" was used in the army for 20 years. In addition to CT in WWII destroyed the enemy machine guns ShKAS Tula, and UB ShVAK, gun load cells.

In the post-war period continued development of CPP-armed infantry weapons, and since the early 60's. Bureau of specialization was driven anti-tank weapons. During the entire period of its existence, the team has developed office and introduced into production and put the Russian army of more than 140 models of weapons and military equipment. Technical solutions embodied in the development of CPP contain more than 5,000 inventions and know-how.

In 2011, the Instrument Design Bureau was reorganized into an open joint stock company. Today "Instrument Design Bureau" — one of the leading design organizations Russian defense industry. This is not only involved in their own development, but also to coordinate the work of a large number of companies and organizations, including institutes of the Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation and the Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence. In fact, Tula designers form the ideology and outline prospects for the development of weapons at the state level.

Over the years, CPP has successfully cooperated with foreign countries, offering to export samples of modern weapons and military equipment. Developed in Thule equipment is in service in more than 60 countries. The main exports are anti-tank, artillery and anti-aircraft systems for various purposes. Great demand for the latest models of weapons — anti-aircraft missile and gun system "Armour-C1 '(for export is easy) and anti-tank missiles" Kornet-EM "and" Kornet-E. "

Through the activities of Instrument Design Bureau of Tula gunsmiths tradition became known all over the world.


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