In pictures: our technique in Laos

1. Vientiane. A place where they sell our Gaza

2.Ventyan. Some local Department of Geology
Is that the right of the entrance are three GAZ, it is necessary
there was still time to walk and walk near sfotkat.

3. Vientiane. Just two GAZ-3308

4.Ventyan. GAZ-3308

5.Ventyan. GAZ-3308

6.Attapy. GAZ-3308

7. Maz. New. Also our equipment, motor and metal Russia.

8. Tha Khaek. KAMAZ from Vietnam.

9. Attapeu. GAZ-66

10.Pakse. UAZ.

11. Tha Khaek. UAZ.

12. Pakse. UAZ.

13.Ventyan. Niva.

14.Ventyan. Lada.

15.Ventyan. Another one Lada.

16.Ventyan. GAZ-69.

17.GAZ-69 where in 1975. Kyson went Phomvihane,

sfotkayte K.Fomvihana in the museum.

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