In pictures: PAK FA first revealed the vicinity!

A group of journalists finally revealed the latest fighter from a distance that is available in order to see the fifth generation closer. The reason for this was the signing of an agreement of intent between the KLA and the Russian Academy of Sciences for the development of new technologies and materials for aviation.

On the territory of LIC "Dry" all at home. Apples can rip directly from production.

Promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) — Russia's fifth-generation multirole fighter developed by the Sukhoi Design Bureau (United Aircraft Corporation), where he will also have the official name of the T-50.


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3. In order to ensure low visibility aircraft, jointly carried out a series of basic research in various fields and combine the results into a single technology.

4. The agreement significantly expands the range of collaborative KLA and Sciences. Earlier, the corporation has worked with only one of the RAS Institute, now in collaboration with aircraft builders will take another four units of the Academy of Sciences.

5. Of course, just to come close to no avail. But thanks for that!

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7. Top-secret air intakes carefully sheltered from prying eyes grips and camera lenses …

8. Journalists are actually a little bit. I remember only had time to fuss Rossiya24 and RT, looking at them stories.

9. We had to takeShotguns800 mm lens on, I'm afraid if I got it I would have immediately shot.

10. But I wonder what method put rivets? What do you think?

11. Secret Weapon PAK FA. No, not really. Thissensor measuring the speedpitot.

12. The rear landing gear. And yet, what hides behind the covers??

13. Front.

14. After the press conference on the background of the aircraft hangar was closed and the first board PAK FA, also known as the T-50 to hid … but to be honest, I do not know until when. Maybe tomorrow will be a demonstration flight? In fact, all the instances of technically sound and fly to the audience at the MAKS can any of the boards.

Here's a beauty!

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