In the former Jewish settlement of the Lunar

I’m in the center of the city on the right side — the church, on the left — kastselik. Just like one of the songs from our Grodno bard.

Zhuravlev: "It is one. However, the offspring of Grodno, but understand how to help the children — does not come often, that’s all."
Reporter: "Pensions prazhytstse although missing out on?"
Zhuravlev: "I worked for 40 years as a nurse and have 360 thousand pension."
Reporter: "Maybe the government has something to help you?"
Zhuravlev: "Yes than it helps. Even nobody in the house does not look in the way I live."
Reporter: "Well, the neighbors still come?"
Zhuravlev: "There are no neighbors. How to die, I’ll be a day or three lie. This house is empty, too, in the next, and no one lives on the contrary."

Zhuravlev: "And there is no work. Closed the svinarnik, dairy complex also tsagelnyu closed, the clinic — there was only ambulyatoryya.’s All. People walk exclusively in the farm."
Reporter: "And there is at least slightly earn?"
Zhuravlev: "Yes they earn … This tractor is currently 150 thousand per month receive. This summer a bit more to go, but at the moment there is no work."
Reporter: "Did you watch the telly?"
Zhuravlev: "Of course."
Reporter: "There’s a show that is not so bad with us?"
Zhuravlev: (laughs) Rogue. Add any of 10 thousand, and in-store prices will rise by 20 thousand. And nothing is going to that store. "
Reporter: "So, do not believe people have the power?"
Zhuravlev: "Do not believe, do not believe. So what to believe? Prices rose, pensions are not added, so people and they say that our president is not a good, not a lot of money provides. "
Reporter: "sadly here you …"
Zhuravlev: "Look, here is the street, large, and some old people live 70 years."
Reporter: "It is interesting, and that was 20 years backwards?"
Zhuravlev: "O. .. buzzed, it was fun. Our little town called Paris. People wasabout a lot of different pilots srotchykav, there was a lot of work. "
Reporter: "Mrs. Elizabeth, that you have worked all my life and have remained in their old age alone. Hunt for you that what people say-nibudt, though through the radio? "
Zhuravlev: "Let the people hold, each other help, because the hope for help from our government is unrealistic. No help from this side. And the president said, would be to not raise prices and retired people put huge. That’s all. "

And although his party company comes with mestechkovtsev only himself, in the midst of people have respect and credibility. Sovereign Pudovkin not once elected deputy of the local council. Specifically to him and not to the village council, at first there are people with their complaints and grievances.
He single-handedly ensure that the village did not close the clinic, so that a full week worked pharmacies to large family got an apartment …
Step with him down the street Grodno. Private houses, cautious, well-groomed, painted. Sovereign Pudovkin invites go to one house. States that people live here, more experienced in the history of Lunar.

On the table I rushed into the eyes of an exciting card: the Ascension of Christ, and in Christ’s hands — white-red-white flag. The owner knows that this card maximum already filyatelistychny material.
Karpovich: "There was an ordinary card, but withdid it I. Pasted stamp went to the post office and asked to be repaid. So is the maximum card. I have a whole exhibition of postcards. "
Reporter: "And where are you exposed them?"
Karpovich, "I held them up to the Belarusian state fair. Have it called" Carte maximum. Construction melodies Belarus. "

Reporter: "And you have long dealt with the case?"
Karpovich: "Yes, already 15-16 years old, relatively recently. Charges to have a great, need to deal with filyateliyay youth. And because I, the collections are not bad will not need to take everything, but where to get the money … "
Reporter: "And what topic are you most interested in?"
Karpovich: "History majestically Duchy of Lithuania. Well, in general I’m interested in Belarus: from Polotsk Duchy until a day or present."
Reporter: "Tell me, what can tell lover Belarusian brand? Either he will find out from them about the history of Belarus, architecture, fauna, Fleur? .. "

Karpovich: "Well, of course they can. For example, fauna and flora. My friend has a collection with Skidel — more than 400 of these cards is the maximum, dedicated only to birds of Belarus. His exhibition won the gold medal abroad and, through him, to find out our nature. "
Reporter: "A mark on the history of …"
Karpovich: "History is devoted strongly enough."
Reporter: "But why?"
Karpovich, "I think it’s all because the regime that we exist.’s A look: February 4 — 200th anniversary Dunin-Marcinkiewicz, a brand is not …"
Reporter: "And the third — the anniversary of Tadeusz Kosciuszko …"
Sovereign Levon recalls well-known legend about how Kosciuszko was sitting in the fortress and sought from him the oath of allegiance to the Russian tsar. Then Kosciuszko Tipo asked him to bring from home land, poured it into his boots and in the presence of the king made an oath.

Karpovich: "I swear allegiance to the land on which I stand."

Reporter: "Ms. Valentine, and what you do in retirement?"
Karpovich: "Those willing than life: beginning to grow their plants that love lyaleyu. For them even started the book (earlier complaints plant, and the plant now) and write there that each raslintsy needed, what it should be and how to live. "
Reporter: "And what is the usefulness of this?"
Karpovich: "Lofty. Narugaetstsa That man on me, and I own kitchen garden. He sits there with his books, angry, and I sun warms and zemelku took all these evil currents …"
Reporter: "Ms. Valentine was here now in the village council, wanted to find out why posodeystvuyut housing a large family, which nestles in a one-room hut. And I answer: we have apartments and no money. In this apparently self and ends … "
Karpovich: "At the moment, the village council as a free assistant district services. They are sitting there Myagenkaya chairs and call the village council: say you did there, and why the library is closed, you controlled the …"
Ask whether in the area very soon changed power.
In response to my question Valentine remembered not so long ago went to the regional center for the funeral of a former employee of the Executive Committee, which had once been friends.
She can not understand why none of the district chiefs did not dare to say no at the tomb of the 1st word.
Karpovich: "What is certain is read? Either unwilling? Is it necessary? And it seemed to me that all any clogged, some trampled. Even the burial can not organize …"
With Mrs. Valentina had a talk about
the neighbors, about teachers and doctors.
Valentine spoke about his political and attachment: How to collect signatures during the presidential campaign of Alexander Kozulin, and her husband — for Poznyak.
I ask: why do you have in a family so divided political views? Valentine recalled how in 1994, was present at a meeting with residents of the Lunar Z.Paznyaka.
Karpovich "After that meeting, although I’m not a politician but said his own wife: they are populists, very far from the people, because they say such clever language that the villagers did not understand them. Maybe because the attitude to them is was. "
However, Mrs. Valentine says that her husband still in Z.Paznyaka lumped more signatures than it for A.Kozulin.
Valentine treated us very savory fare home, and we headed to the Jewish cemetery.

First War of the Jews immediately herded into a ghetto and later taken to a concentration camp … After these events, none more so Jew never settled in Lunne right up to the present day.
Karpovich: "They were evicted from all these houses nearby. Here, look, they were all Jewish homes, especially stone. Vaughn on the Star of David still remained …"

Karpovich: "The rich and famous, apparently, we Jews were not, because in their graves like a house, but we do not have anything like that here."
At this cemetery nobody comes exclusively in 2005, students from 1st American colleges came at their own expense and fenced them paravnyali monuments, put things in order. This action, according to my guide, accomplished within the volunteer movement: no one in the midst of the students here were not buried by relatives.

Sovereign offers Karpovich go to one of the oldest residents of Luni, Mrs. Elizabeth Puvshok who remembers pre-war times. Ms. Elizabeth in 1925. Currently lives alone in an old Jewish Tower, kids parted.
Worked all his life at a local farm, and now her once a day stop by a neighbor, too retirement age. Are sitting in the room and remembered youth.

Reporter: "Mrs. Elizabeth or remember those Jews who lived in Lunne to war, and how they lived here?"
Puvshok: "Jews have been excellent, each had his own house and all traded, had their shops. Zlotayabka Here lived, lived there socks, and even further Eselev, Novik. And all traded."
Reporter: "And for you to how they were treated?"
Puvshok: "You see, the Jews were beautiful people. I am here for you to tell about yourself. My man had a brother living in a fire. His daughter and wife died. So he went to the priest, so he buried his wife, promised for it to work, immediately lost funds. priest refused to bury But without funds. So assist Jews, borrowed funds, buried his wife. That he this case life remembered. "
Reporter: "And what language they spoke?"
Puvshok: "Between them they had read in their own way, but with us in Belarusian."
Reporter: "I’ve just been on a Jewish grave, so much afraid to look, they are abandoned …"
Puvshok: "What do you want, we have such a power."
Neighbor Mrs. Elizabeth: "There never with people power not listed, or it was a Jew, or a Pole or Belarusian or Russian. Nobody from her had. "
Mrs. Elizabeth revealed that 5 years from America came back the young people and ask her about the local Jews, called names and asked to see where they lived. However, these were kids whose or just relatives, Mrs. Elizabeth remembers.
And now I’m back in the center of town and talk to the village council deputy Alexander Pudovkin.
Reporter: "Alexander, so we walked together with you Lunar, you heard what I had read people. Tell me, please, as a deputy — what urgent need to solve prepyadstviya in your village? "
Pudovkin: "A significant proportion of people age Incline. In 2005 agrogorodok did, and in 2006 — closed the clinic. During 2006, our pharmacy instead of 5 days a week beginning work only a day or two. And yet there is a problem such as poor water: iron content 3-5 times higher than normal. Wherever addressed — until this problem is not solved. "
Reporter: "Mr. Pudovkin, like, your opinion, to solve these problems, where to take their money?"
Pudovkin: "In 1-x, this dilemma need to create. And you have to sit at the round table and open a discussion, listen to suggestions from the authorities and the opposition of the village. And later, to find common ways out of the situation. Indeed, as these prepyadstviya already over 10 years old Single silenced, then they do not otvazhutsya. And one way out: the power to change completely or partially, that the situation has moved from the place. "

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