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DMITRY cherry "publishing" Goliath "ABOVE FOR POLITICAL GAMES"

April 29 in Minsk bolshennom Hall writers took a broad presentation of the new non-state publishing house "Goliaths". Its creators — two young poets, several former members of the informal literary groups and Misha Bashura Dmitry cherries. With one of them, who became director of a new publishing house, our correspondent met a Valentine Aksak.
Valentine Aksak: "Presentation" Goliath "astounded everyone and everyone, because let’s just talk about the surprise. Personalities begin with. First 1990s you were in the literary and artistic movement" Boom-Bam-Lit ", were later employee Writers’ House, then — non-state employee publishing "Logvinov" and now you yourself became manager of the publishing house. Did you tired to be a poet? "

Dmitry cherries. Photos Asi PoplavskayaDmitry Vishnev "Fact, that when I was only eighteen years old, I was already a director of creative movement, which was officially registered. It was a "fifth corner" and we afar several books. I had a publishing license with a "chase" to print, I have it and at the moment is preserved. And with "Logvinov" we had cooperation through my book project, which was founded in 2000 at Vilnius still publishing "Run." At the moment, this project ran with me "Goliaths". Because, in principle, nothing has changed, I’m doing all the adult publishing life, another thing is that now I myself — a legitimate publisher. "
Aksak: "you are invited to discover the main editor of academician Vladimir Gnilomedova that the presentation, namely, said that does not take the start of the game in the literature, and only appreciates literature meanings. But, judging by your publishing plan, just the creators of literature Games in "Goliath" will prevail. "
Cherry: "In fact, Vladimir Gnilomedov — non-standard personality in a very decent way, and publishing democracy reigns. Every book we discuss each creator, we try to have the best thing came out and the most fascinating of modern literature. Indicator that it really so — full house House of Writers. "
Aksak: "By the way, the big hall of the House of Writers, in which members of the Union of Belarusian Writers, to which you belong Bashurov Misha, has long been set free. How you managed to get this room for a presentation" Goliath "?"
Cherry: "It is necessary to explain that we are above political games. Just our publishing house aims to be a writer, regardless of who the creators of what comes alliance. And so I think that was and the corresponding approach to control of the House of Writers us that we — Publishing, which publishes a wide variety of creators. And, of course, that played a role that we have the chief editor Vladimir Gnilomedov. But I think that first we ourselves are responsible for their own products. "
Aksak: "Presentation of publishing immediately accompanied by the presentation as much as 4 new books in the middle of May you promise to present three more, and your plans for the last time 40 positions. As for you success and such a spirited start?"
Cherry: "Enigma no no. I read my book series has been around for eight years, and publishing portfolio has developed not in one day. Publisher for a few months, but we got a license only a month back. Books ready to print, but we expect official registration of publishers. "
Aksak: "What else is a surprise, so this title to your publisher. Why specifically" Goliaths "?"
Cherry: "Our explanation that Goliath — this African beetles. I love to create in the Belarusian literature psevdaafrykanskiya different motives …"
Aksak: "You even cursed" krakadilaznavtsam. "
Cherry: "What can you do — have stuck with me this reputation. Yet, it seems to me that the title is very severe. And our logo — such is very beautiful beetle, because our designer Sergei Zhdanovich excellent tried and found this picture of Goliath."
Aksak: "Do your immediate plans — 40 positions, according to Belarus than presently flourishing Belarusian literature. Could you own something creators lure, for example, bolshennymi fees?"
Cherry: "a huge fee, we do not pay more than that — we have today prepyadstviya huge cash. And as stated positions — it is our strategic plan. We believe that in the coming months will become feet, will be issued not only harsh literature that declared, but will spetsyyalizavatstsa and commercial projects. And I think that thanks to them, will not go out and commercial books. "
Aksak: "And will give himself in his own publishing house?"
Cherry: "We, as humans we besprintsipialnye always been scandalous and this is not going to renounce. We are not going to change anything in their lives and are not going to be converted to officials."
Creators and works
Maria Martysevich: "To give birth PRESIDENT — for themselves and PEOPLE"

Publisher "Logvinov" in the famous series "Gallery B", which is coordinated by the writer and philosopher Igor Bobkov, has published the first book of the poet Mary Martysevich "Dragons fly to spawn." Collection of poems and essays made to the burning topics for the Belarusian society. From the creator of Michas met Scoble.
Michas Scoble: "Maria, from childhood, we know that dragons — many-headed monster with fiery mouths, which are fighting heroes of the people, because dragons bring people harm. And you dragons — great, they bring in their own paws gifts. As for so you managed to refocus dragons — from negative to make them positive characters? "

Maria Martysevich "by the book" Widow’s offspring "and" Roll-the-peas "whose heroes just fought with dragons, I was trained as a child to read. But dragons have never been for me a specific evil. Maybe even worth mentioning here mefistofelevskiya piece about the ambivalence of good and evil. Because dragons were not for me exactly negative characters, such as attractive pupa. As one British literary parable "Forgotten day of birth." It’s about a small tsmochka, which all have forgotten who lost their own day of birth and was very sad. But later he saw her, and everything was fine.
In fact I think that writing a poem about dragons that fly to spawn later implicated bedding. This first Barshchevskii with its breathtaking story of how the dragon carp reared under his arm. It is also a story of Eva Vezhnovets "Soon hatched dragon." In fact, the poem "Dragons fly to spawn" — on emigration. "
Scoble: "Here I pick up your" Dragon … "And I read in the essay" Running or emigrants Civilization ":" Belarus — a country that no longer exists, "" I invented my Belarus "," Countries in which I live, there is no "… When such ideas a little surprising, why not created essay finds himself a real country. How can hold a mirage? "
Martysevich "you mentioned essay I wrote when I was 20 years old. It was 6 years ago, and then I had to talk over their principal current position. Essay basic idea has not changed. Now I believe Belarus farfetched virtual state. With the development of the web that feeling only intensified. Everyone carries his sky with him as Vladimir said Karatkevich. Which country I’d never turned my attitude, my mood, my well-being will depend only on me. And so for me to hold on to a virtual country fully normal. "
Scoble: "You know, all this can be called philosophical mas
ochism, whose father, in my opinion, — Valentin Akudovich. Saying that Belarus does not, you dismantled the rails on which themselves and go. So what it mattersTh? "
Martysevich: "You saw the true impact of about Valentine Akudovich. Specifically, he was a pioneer of writing these essays when I was engaged in the Belarusian Collegium. Collegium Students, especially the Department of Philosophy and Literature, who are more who are least likely to consider themselves followers Akudovich. And I, as a person susceptible, of course, could not help but fall under its influence. This "philosophical masochism" as you said — quite logical way out of the situation when the Belarusian reality does not give us grounds for rainbow conclusions. To keep the mind at ease, you have to invent for himself his own world, as sung Lavon Wolski (incidentally, cited in the above essay.) And quietly live in it. This psychological way out of the situation that has developed more first 2000s. "
Scoble: "And I have come to the defense of Belarusian guys you call at all losers. Quote:" Loser — Universal feed at least some men, on which stands the excise Belarus. I can not remain silent at first, for the reason that in speaking of Belarusian losers, you appeal to the names Lastovsky, OLEKHNOVICH, Goretskogo, Tarashkevich … But killing them just for the fortune of Merit. And they were so metaimknenymi assertive and not "losers" as you call Lastovsky. Admit that the essay "Men whom we elect" was written for any gender conference? "
Martysevich: "No, it was absolutely not true. Essay is written immediately after the Plaza, when I went to my grandmother, and she knew about the events in Minsk only" esemesok "friends. Confess, a little provocative in this text is. Incidentally, it is strictly do not take all my friends creator male. Essays it took to print in the journal "Guerrilla", the subsequent number of which will be devoted specifically to the Belarusian luzerstvu. So here, in the version with me practically pulling continuation of the article. I’m his long and painfully wrote it will be called "feminist." It says that no matter what the Eastern European lady who lives in the post-Soviet context, by definition it is a feminist, since it has to overcome the inertia of the behaviors that were the norm in Russian time.
Regarding Lastovsky th Tarashkevich, in my book there is a text, where the contrary, I call Tarashkevich his hero. Belarus — avtsayderski this project, but we find this avtsayderstve positive features. I think, for those who engage in "philosophical masochism" is a logical conclusion. "
Scoble: "According to your text there, you understand perfectly the worldwide literature. According to your opinion, judging by the Hamburg bill that piece of modern Belarusian literature encroaches on eternity?"
Martysevich: "Immediately hunt thinking about prose, not poetry, despite the fact that Belarusians — civilization poets. First book that comes to mind -" Adam and his shadow Klakotsky "Igor Bobkov. At first glance it is fragmented and ill-written text, which vorachivayas whenever you find yourself with something new. But here you can blame me again for what I’m drawn phantom Belarus, which is presented in a practical and "Adam Klakotsky …" I believe that this book is so easy for us to not pass, and even start talking about it after a while. "
Maria Martysevich. Of new poems
Give birth PRESIDENT
You say censorship needle sewn your mouth,
and vanitovney than now, will be gone.
And for me, all in your hands laid on her tummy:
rhodium president whom you want — for yourself and the people.
You say, People and the Word is reduced to zero.
For what’s the matter? Rodi president.
Say to yourself, "How Mrs. Lincoln and Kennedy" —
and parents.
And he will be able to grow and all the evil in the world be able to:
Pope will sit at his left,
Dove of Peace sit on his shoulder,
and at his feet — English queen —
for you are a stiff upper lip, Mom, did everything as it should,
and now everything will be naming Father and son,
And democracy is the eagle soar over the land,
although, perhaps, there will be obvious peaceful sky.
And you — the reason that something huge died in the forest —
taking into paslyarodavym journalists malehankih clumps,
refuse from the villa in Nice and satisfaction limited press
you give preference to the farm somewhere under Krupka.
You plant the house peonies, phlox and poppies.
He pushed the leg — this is a good symbol.
Feel — in the midst of raging placenta?
Rodi president.
Vic was in February
My first guy:
In love I swore
In the couple promised to take.
But if Vic
hit the day
He wore solder
some swirls.
That’s what I tell you to,
Vic February:
Drink the cyanide!
Writer Konstantin May
come on someone else
literary evenings
and sells its books in the lobby.
Their main idea is
that, despite the cold,
need to survive until the thaw.
And then he goes home
is a stack of copies,
what else has
includes a floor lamp and sits down to read
Karl Friedrich May.
"My name is June," —
it was written
on his shirt respective color:
in This year his publisher put on Pamuk.
And put it at the pavilion
marketing purposes —
Flour is also a science.
He stood vpihvav leaflets guests
with the agility of a real past.
And she found novels Lessing
she passed.
Bard Svyatoslav July
quarreled with Union earthlings Venus:
he presently there as he sarcastically pun
"Personality non grant."
He often brings a guitar
on old venereal cemetery
on the graves of the first presidents of the Earth,
and sings own hit
"Do not speak the language
Martian invader. "
His singing sad;
his longish hair fluffy
impinge on the bald patches, as if the waves
(1st, 2nd, 3rd)
those that also emigrated.
And yet — you can not take with them the country (lakes, rivers)
impossible to grow under his arm, as if a snake.
So Jews handed home libraries,
so that those who remained third eye opened.
This spice of life under the constellation of the plow and scythe —
you’re not sure of anything, and one probably only know:
you can not take with them the country (field, forest)
smuggling, with dark cock testicle.
And you know: Cost natuzhit own inner ear,
How crackling shell zastuchat whiskey.
Dragons hatch rapidly, soon they will betray,
Who watered the milk from the hands of power-hungry.
And when the sky darkens that on star maps
There is like a house, where rises planet is Venus,
in other words — our dragons fly to spawn,
carrying goodies in scaly paws.
You expect you smoke fire, you spend the night on the sidewalk,
free for their landing two bands ring.
Be vigilant, try exactly Trappes
when the land is yours.

Yury Stankevich. Billion beats. Stories and plays. Mn., Goliaths, 2008

Brand new book Yuri Stankevich "Billion beats", which includes two stories and a half 10-ka stories and play "Harpy", unlikely to cause a great response …
One of the features of the Belarusian cultural places — the one about whom you write, inevitably identified with your own personality. Wrote about the pro-government members of the Writers’ Union? You — a traitor. On feministak — feminists. On recognizable — you Bought … Nobody will ever believe in your nezaangazhavanasts in devotion to literature, not a writer.
Writing about Jure Stankevich — it’s like to admit in public that you’re a racist. After the book "Adore night — right rat" he was
almost utavravany this word, which, however, did not affect the reader’s curiosity. This is understandable — what a writer in our time ironic playfulness able openly admit that it really disturbs female emansypatsyya, gipertrafavanaya enthusiasm media to various kinds of freaks, loss of state identification in the amount of the whole European country?
Each deepest sense, is not associated with personal life, now perceived as a violation of the convention. "Do not worry!" — They say to you, when you go beyond the boundaries of the discussion weather or taxes … Because for many Stankevich — jester, the Fool, which he so often writes …
Same again, it somehow fundamentally moral imperatives do not coincide with what we have, namely, I realize the term "European values" … But, on the other hand, quite recall actions that preceded Sarkozy’s rise to power, to realize that not only these values, and reality itself has recently can be drastically redrawn by Europeans. Then, it may very well be! — Writer Yury Stankevich will be declared prophet Belarusian Wells or Orwell, or at least new Strugatsky … Those who first outlined this feral, intolerable state of being — being on the verge of a catastrophe.
Specifically tragedy, not a detective Slyadak — master image story "Erynii."
Atmosphere Bondage and terror that preceded it … Event itself — chain explosions at nuclear power plants … Apocalyptic paintings of its consequences … The main message is read just dystopia, first as we learn of Belarus, in every detail, in every word. Although, as for me, phrases like "prastymulyavavshy erection eyakuliravav it in a test tube," have no right to a place in a fiction … Use of, or as for me, abuse, scientific vocabulary — one of the components of cognitive style Stankevich, but in the story "Erynii" he seems sorts … As with his demonstrative racism:
"I — not a racist. I realized that if one or the other people made fat, begin to degenerate, become konfuzliv, stupid and clumsy, starts chatting about democracy, the next will certainly predators — other people, a person with a healthy gene pool in a position normally and multiply rapidly — and they shall devour degenerates and sodomites. Later themselves begin to degenerate, and the majority of people living in any era, no healthy offspring after five or ten generations will not give, because there are freaks and die. Did not we have all in Europe? "
Let’s be honest — I understand where these arguments. We live with the creator in one world, one world educate the children, in the same world look forward to the grandchildren. More than confident — we want one for their future! But by what means to achieve it?
Restriction of movement, prohibition of mixed marriages, labatamiyay perverts? But the truth is that for most "normal" people specifically like us — Belarusian-language — and there are perverts, particularly us, not to supervise and "adergvanne" this most democratic Europe would labatamavali long. And it is perfectly understands Stankevich, when does the image of an old Croesus, intelligent whacky, which makes the mouth look like, their personal conception of the universe, which is: "Our Universe — a simulation, it was created artificially and is nothing more than another as information" .
This idea looks whether fads or belch bewildering Cinématographe, which are so full of our blue screens … But I suspect it somehow preserved and vector path to salvation. "After all, if our world — information that is changing the information, and we changed it?" — I wondered … And I understand that the writer reached the own goal: to provoke me to break away from home, secondary, temporary … Led to understand that I — not only the lady, and a citizen of the universe. Just as urged in the story "Billion beats" ponder the meaning of life.
There is only one problem — I think Yury Stankevich forces, and does not give their own answers. Maybe he does not have them. Maybe it’s because the book is completed poem Natalia Arsenyev, "God, the lord of the universe." No new bailout funds, even as at least old … Tags: kislitsyna Stankevich, cherries, Martysevich

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