In the Tribunal is not missed all

About 20 activists of the police did not even miss the courtyard building ships and they were expected on the street. Among them — a friend of an unregistered organization "Young Front" Dmitry Fedoruk:
"Said, we did not let you yesterday, and now you’re not on the lists. So no one will be held. Said later that it was Tipo

Said, we did not let you yesterday, and now you’re not in the lists

command is given that the hall is full. And just do not want to make people beheld the ugliness that happens on the court, which once again turned into a farce. I come here the third day, to express support those people, which at the moment is judged illegal. "
In the courthouse police missed about 20 young people who called themselves "future lawyers." Tatiana Tsishkevich, that the arbitrator removed from the hall, said:
"In the hall on the list some unknown, and for which we have passed, spent BRSMovtsev. Just brought a car for young people. And they took three benches in the courtroom. I ask who you are? They they say — the audience who came to have a look."
Tatiana Tsishkevich arbitrator removed for what she smiled and whispered while watching videos. Although the lawyer said that Tatiana does not hurt:
"It was very fun, and everybody was smiling. I never stopped anyone, and when I laughed eyewitness or video — there’s just a funny picture moments. Footage and absolutely contrary to the witnesses, and Protocol, in accordance with which we accused ".
Some actors come in T-shirts that say "I Love Belarus". Anton Koipish Pronunciation:
"This shirt shows what we have practically judged. Indeed, we are judged specifically for the love of Belarus, for the fact that we do not all

We are judged specifically for the love of Belarus

Principal, what happens here with our people, with our state . "
Alexey Cooper wearing a T-shirt with the inscription "Freedom to Andrei":
"At the moment the proceedings went Andrei Kim and hunt at this point to support Andrei even so. Fact now gone and witnesses are needed, in other words it lets him under article. Because this emotional support as they prepare him stiffer sentence" .
Politicians who were present at the trial, — Chairman BPF Lavon Barshcheuski:

"This is not the fulfillment of democratic judicial procedures. Obvious discrimination. Witnesses heed the one hand, on the other — no. What can of such tribunal say? Anyway, do not say that it is fair and accurate. And so I wait for a fair sentence would not. I always try to maintain at least a moral people who are under persecution for their beliefs. "
Deputy Chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party (Hramada) Igor Rinkevich Pronunciation:

A day or two to observe and understand that the process of political objectives

"I even hunger strike for the fact that these young men ended persecution. Observe a day or two, and I understand that, politically, the target process. Unilateraly conducted as a preliminary investigation and trial. And, of course, difficult to hope for objectivity and a legitimate sentence. Just can not not be here, because you can be proud of these guys. "

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