In Vitebsk, the premiere of the movie Hell Raychonok

Most of them know how Mrs. Raychonok local Democratic activist who founded an art gallery in Hiermanavičy Sharkovshchina area and has almost 18 years in a row organizes open-air role and zabugornyh Belarusian painters.
As an actress, many saw Hell Raychonok the first time, meanwhile heroine herself tape revealed that once wanted to act in films, and this his dream fulfilled filmmaker Vladimir Kolos.
Introducing the film, Vladimir Kolos stressed that such figures as Ada Raychonok, there is definitely unique. And because the tape expressed enthusiasm for the company over 10 European countries.
Neighbors of the Vitebsk region also discussed hot seen, before sketching the modern Belarusian village life — that the environment in which he lives former village teacher Ada Elevna that manages to detain large farm and immediately work on the completion of the museum, attracting job prematurely deceased son, local historian, ethnographer, writer Misha Raychonok.
Heroes of the movie "Ada Gallery" also became known Belarusian artists who gather once a year for guided Mrs. Raychonok open air and ordinary villagers with Hermanovitch. Neighbors in the movie Ada Raychonok live their own everyday life, which was later implemented in the artwork plein participants.

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