Indian summer in Paris

During the official visit to Paris, I found a watch, to walk around the local parks and squares. From that temptation could not turn away, because at first the 20 days of October in Paris was a true Indian summer, or as they say French "Indian summer."
Land in Paris is very expensive, because every park and square or kept, sorting, untainted, topped with pieces of art, adapted to the recreational needs of the people.

Prostakutnyya the trees in the garden Lyuksemburgskim

Park in the Campus Martius. Relax on the grass

Symbol in the park in the Campus Martius

Sand track in the park of the Tuileries

Traditional marble Hercules and the work of contemporary art — wood hut on a tree — came together in the royal park of the Tuileries

Egyptian prophet Lyuksemburgskim park

Square on the roof of a house on the street of Clichy

Seine embankment near the island of shite

That’s all. Tomorrow you wish to collect the most diverse mosaic of Parisian attractions.

Geography of Belarus at the Arc de Triomphe
Cars with outlet

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