Infirmary in Svislochi — in police siege

Public activist Lena Butkovskaya said that more people from dawn civil blocked exits from the structure of the local clinic:

Policemen are afraid that the population expects the rally call Obrazovskogo

"Here on the treatment at the moment Sergei Obrazovsky — Member of PKB and casual favorite public. During the arrest April 26 policemen brought him to peradynfarktnaga state. Prior to that blood pressure is kept at maximum performance. Man — in bed. Bureaucrats were watching specifically Obrazovskogo. Policemen scared that the local population expects call Obrozovskogo said at a rally on May 1. "
Let me remind you that on April 9 Pukhavichy district tribunal ruled Sergei Obrazovskogo fine of 1 million 400 thousand rubles. This was the result of an unauthorized rally everybody inhabitants of the village, which was held on March 22.
Against the construction of the plant Russian company "August" for the production of pesticides are the inhabitants amicably Rudenskaya, Ducor and other settlements. Tags: friendly, Svislach Obrozovsky

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