Infrastructure under the «Mistral» will cost 3 billion Russian rubles

Infrastructure under the
February 1, 2012 France began building the first of the 2-type warships «Mistral», which are created for the Russian Navy. In the Russian Navy first «Mistral» will under the names of «Vladivostok» and «Sevastopol». It is planned that the first amphibious assault ship (UDC) will be delivered to Russia in 2014, second in 2015. By this time have finished all the work on the construction of special Vladivostok port complex. It is clear that the first two spacecraft power projection, as they are positioned in the Ministry of Defense, will be based in the Pacific Fleet.

It should be noted that in the Soviet Navy had the sad experience of operating aircraft carriers Project 1143 without the respective infrastructure. One of the last ships of this series «Admiral Gorshkov» (a total of four aircraft carriers) rather painfully reworked into «normal» aircraft carrier for the Indian Navy and received the name of «Vikramaditya» in current time the ship is involved in full-scale sea trials. The other three aircraft carriers in this series were written off and sold for scrap, the limit (1 in South Korea and 2 spacecraft in China). Of the number of vessels decommissioned two («Novorossiysk and» Minsk «) were part of the Pacific Fleet and based just in Vladivostok.

With all this, according to managing the Institute of Political and Military Analysis, Alexander Khramchikhin, Russian government, which was willing to spend big money on its military and navy namely never built a ship berths for the data and the corresponding ground infrastructure. Because all data ships own lifetime spent on the roads. For this reason, they could not, as the other ships of the fleet, while parked at the berths to use electricity from external terrestrial sources. And always, respectively, while on the roads, these cruisers were included with the engines, producing silly lifespan and fuel. Please 1990s blamed them from the fleet not only as the country rapidly run out of funds, and for the reason that they have lived their lives in 2 times faster position and essentially to be written off. In this case, if the data from the ships had their moorings, their life could increment at least 10-15 years. Those were the days of the socialist economy, with its complete inability to count money. Now in times of market economy, the construction of infrastructure for the respective UDC «Mistral» began to think in advance.

UDC French «Mistral», which acquired Our homeland, including to gain access to new shipbuilding technologies, will be located in Grand Bay Ulysses Vladivostok, where one of the bases of the Russian Pacific Fleet. A few meters from this bay was built the famous «bridge APEC», which connects the peninsula with the Russian Vladivostok. Specifically on the Russian peninsula in September 2012 held the APEC summit.

As said the newspaper «Izvestia» a source in the Russian Defense Ministry for the French-based helicopter built waterfront bay will be subject to the procedure of reconstruction will be updated onshore facilities, built brand new power station, also infrastructure respectively. The final scope of work that will need to spend in the bay, will be determined before the end of 2012. It is reported that all the necessary work on the modernization of the coastal infrastructure will be completed before the end of 2014. Price upgrade of the base estimated 2-3 billion. rubles, but this amount may at times Strength in this case, if Serdyukov decides to build a «Mistral» separate database instead of upgrading existing infrastructure.

With all of this in the headquarters of the Pacific Fleet explained that they were ready to adopt the «Mistral» without reconstruction on existing piers. According to the Navy surface ships is quite versatile and can stand up and on the old piers, unlike, for example, from submarines. Interlocutor «News» said that the arrival of new ships for the navy is not something extraordinary. In the Russian Kamchatka time each year come for 3-4 new ships, with all this space for their support has always lacked.

Ulysses bay in Vladivostok, the view from the cable-stayed bridge to the peninsula Russian

In this case, if the management of the Pacific Fleet decides to build new piers under the «Mistral», for their functioning will need to build a new electrical substation to supply energy or ships piers connect to existing capacity, will also need to bring communication to ensure the ships fresh water . In addition you will need to install the PPC as separate warehouses for storing various weapons located on the ship, the basis for desantiruemye equipment and helicopter base.

Ships scheduled to serve in local shipyards — Dalzavod and OAO «Far factory» Star «is located in the closed Bolshoi Kamen. With all of this housing for crews already there. In the bay there Ulysses Large residential complex with free apartments. Besides, according to representatives of the Defense Ministry, infrastructure garrisons and cantonments of the Eastern Military Area before the arrival of «Mistral» will be significantly upgraded.

Leonid Ivashov — President of the Academy of Geopolitical problems — noted that the lack of intuitive decisions about where and how they will be based «Mistral» completely reasonable. According to him, the Ministry of Defense first becomes expensive ships, and later just does not know what to do with them and where they do. Sailors, meanwhile, are convinced that the first is a large clump of this ship could sink — he has a pretty feeble side. It is also unclear why the landing ships were useful in Vladivostok.

Mistral in St. Petersburg

Vertoletonosnye landing ships docks type «Mistral» Key length of 210 meters and a displacement of 21,000 tons. Crew consists of 160 people. The ship can take on board troops numbering 450 people (short term up to 900 people), and 16 helicopters weighing less than 12 tonnes. For posting on the ship hangar has a total area of ​​1.8 thousand square meters. meters. maximum vehicle speed is 18 knots, maximum cruising range of 20,000 km. Currently, 2 ships of this type are in service with the French Navy, once the ship is being built.

«Mistral» will sail to Russia with all the technological and navigational equipment, including combat information and control system SENIT-9 may be the most valuable element in enclosed between France and Russia deal. With all this weaponry and helicopters on the Russian ships will be made. It is planned that two «Mistral» a French-built, and the ships built in our country, will receive the most advanced Russian weapons systems, including PU supersonic cruise missiles, and new systems and missile defense. Will be installed on the ship and anti-submarine warfare systems. Work on the installation of weapons to «Mistral» of the French assembly will be produced in Russia by one of the defense companies, after the ships arrive from the shipyards of Saint-Nazaire.

Disk imaging on general designer Sergei Mikheyev Kamov design bureau, the ship type «Mistral» fail based Russian Ka-52, Ka-29 and Ka-226. With all this on the Russian ships will be 8 Ka-52K and Ka-29, in other words, 8 and 8 drum transport and combat vehicles. The composition may simply vary depending on the tasks that will be put before the courts.

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