Inhabitants amicably approached Lukashenko

The letter also refers to the pressure on the public by the authorities and the police. Activists active groups say they are preparing to apply to the tribunal.
Letter addressed to the manager of the country has signed one of the activists of public resistance Tatiana Rysevets. The letter, explains Ms. Rysevets, accompanied by six thousand signatures of local residents:
"The time has come when you need to call things by their proper names. Intimidate people by various methods, bugged telephones. Blame me, I urge people to the barricades that organizes mess. So I decided to apply on their own behalf, and put a signature in order to make it you can see how many people are against it. And this is only part of the people, so we took our time and collected signatures only a day or four. According to another of them would be in a couple of times more ".
According Rysevets, police drew her administrative report on an article about organizing an unsanctioned rally on March 25. Soon it will take over the tribunal. Meanwhile protest moods slum village everybody become more constructive, says another activist group active Lena Budkivskiy:
"Every day hear from people that, say, for which there still go and write something? Must make out what built, wrap and send it to Russia. Or pay their way, or do kill. It states that, that there is already a bad tension. "
Statement against the construction of a plant with the signatures of six thousand inhabitants amicably activists active group also sent to the Public Prosecutor, the Constitutional Tribunal and the Government of the country. Answer they had to get up to May 14, but the higher municipal institutions are silent. Oh, so this is a public comment activist Sergei Obrazovsky:
"First will submit to the court the government and executive committee. Well, we will try to appeal to the international structure for help. If the mandatory structure of the country’s own act against the interests of the population, means you need to go to those structures that support the population. Those political parties, that support the population. Other way, we simply do not have. "
On Wednesday, May 21, held another hearing on the administrative case suprts Sergei Obrazovskogo. His blame organizing an unauthorized protest rally slum village Svislach March 29. For similar rally in the village everybody sovereign Obrozovsky fined 1 million 400 thousand rubles.
May 17 in Marina Gorka, the administrative center Pukhavichy district, a meeting was held with the role of head Academy Misha Myasnikovich, representatives of ministries of natural resources, health, governance and the Minsk region Pukhavichy district. This rally was not allowed any of the 1st of those six thousand people who put their signatures against the construction of the plant.
Construction pesticide plant begins Russian company "August-Bel." Protesting against the construction of the plant inhabitants of the village everybody, Svislach Rudenskaya, Ducor and other settlements. They do not believe in the truth of the statements and conclusions of the official municipal professionals and reach-independent environmental assessment and local referendum whether to build a hazardous industry. Municipal bureaucrats argue that this issue should be completely solved by the government. But the consulate of "August-Bel" said that the necessary documents for the construction obtained and currently being set workers. Activists active group against the construction of the plant produce documents to the court on the company "August-Bel", as local authorities on the facts breaking the law in preparation for the construction of the plant. "

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