Initiative Bandazheuski found a support in Lithuania

As said BelaPAN citing Yu.Bandazhevskogo activities center will be focused on the study of health and helping people who live on areas of Belarus and the Baltic States.
By Yu.Bandazhevskogo, the region remains very unfavorable demographic situation: mortality is twice the birth rate grows by cancer and cardiovascular disease, there is also significant prepyadstviya human reproduction.
"Single center project aims to provide high-quality care and certain Belarusian children by different Chernobyl charity foundations and associations operating in Europe. However, the activity of these structures needs to be consulted scientists reasoned," — said Yu.Bandazhevsky.
By him, idea creation center has received public support in Lithuania, but the location of the institution is not yet determined. Tags: center, Bandazheuski, radiation, safety

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