Instead of gas — again for firewood

The need for conservation of natural gas boiler control area proves "energazbragalnay" directive Alexander Lukashenko. Vice-chairman Rosson executive committee Lapitsky Peter says that the introduction of the new facility will allow constructively to avoid dependence on gas price hike of raw materials as well as new boiler will work on local kinds of fuel — wood-rock that will make preparation for Rosson already in 3 leskhozes: Rossonsky, Polotsk and Novopolotsk.
Warehouses for cluster tree species meant to equip also outside the area — in the Shumilino forestry. Shipping charges are not loss-making part of this project, which the municipal budget allocated 3.6 billion rubles, because new construction is exemplary for Belarus in line with the struggle for economy: these objects are already in Radoshkovichi and Uzde, but they have even the smallest capacity. Because Rosson boiler on the wood should become the flagship of modern energy saving, although pay for itself, according to the draft, it will be able only after 10 years.

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