Instead of power promised benefits targeted assistance. Where is she?

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Several calls now — on Stalinist repression.
Zinoviev: "On Kurapaty not know, since the KGB was and is the principle of the elimination of the liquidators? Thank you."
Sovereign Zinoviev responsible candidate of historical sciences, history researcher Igor Stalinist repression Kuznetsov:
"It is true that those who participated in mass shootings, about two-thirds were destroyed to their 1940. Among those who remained, some died during the Russian war majestically. And because these living witnesses shootings — Kurapaty in elsewhere — were units. But a day or up to the present there is a secret order that all former NKVD under specific protection of today’s security organs. "
And the next call to this topic. Yesterday accomplished a party dedicated to the 50th anniversary of writer Leonid Moryakov, creator guides "Repressed writers, scientists, educators, public and cultural figures of Belarus 1794-1991" books "irreconcilable", "victims and executioners."
Spades: "Now the day of birth of the writer Anatoly Makarov. I had the opportunity to get acquainted with books Anatoly Makarov, also listen to radio broadcasts. Wishes to express his gratitude on behalf of giant families repressed. I believe the government should assist the publication of these books. This is such a huge amount of work historian of which should all know in Belarus. "
Anatoly Makarov municipal books to publishers This time, Indeed, not given. But it happened that just anniversary recently published by "Fiction" was published his first book. Outlook of the creation:
"A week back the" Fiction "dared to issue" Book smuggler killed. "It’s such детективно-приключенческого-фантастически-мистические stories. Such modern European novel. But in-1’s, the title changed: instead of "Book smuggler killed" done "Notes murdered smuggler." In-2, pavlazili in texts. Apparently, at his own expense will issue a unique version . "
Every day on "Freedom" continue to call people who resent the abolition of privileges:
Man: "Instead of the promised benefits power some targeted assistance. Where is she? Disabled asked the first group to take his blood sugar. They replied:" Come can not. Lots of fuel, gasoline. "Where is the fuel? Tanks in" Boeing "? Maybe with" dad "flew to Vietnam? What else read about our government? Its nature to think only about themselves and never about the people."
Another question — about the impact of mobile communications on health:

Spades: "Pochetaemye RL I have a question to your employee Dranchuk. Pochetaemy sovereign Dranchuk Before our windows opposite the children’s playground on the street Karbysheva 7a, on a one-story store" Belvans "delivered two large towers to receive signals from cellular phones. Soon we will all often began to hurt. Could you tell me how this may impact on human health and ecology? "
Listener responds to a question environmentalist and journalist Valery Dranchuk:
"In this area, quite recent and sudden, little professionals. Yet, publications on this topic quite a lot. In the "People’s Will" I saw on the days of the publication of "Mobiles kill." Creator is very recognizable in the world Doctor chicken connects the development of mobile communications with increased incidence of cancer. Maybe that lady says, they say, they became more ill, — is an exaggeration. But so far nobody really pronounces as directly affect mobile communications on human health. Time will tell. "

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