Interpol data from FARC computers have not changed

Yesterday Ronald Noble, Interpol Secretary General confirmed that legal experts Interpol found no "modification, configuration, adding or deleting" data files on computers and disk imaging media that were seized during the raid nedavneshnego Colombian "commando" on the basis of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC ).
United States, Colombia and many other countries consider FARC a terrorist organization.
The raid was carried out in the border area with Colombia Ecuador on March 1. During the operation "Commando" seized three laptops, two external hard drives and three flash card data FARC.
According to the Spanish newspaper "El Pais", the data show that FARC used the means of Venezuela and the Venezuelan president personally Hugo Chavez in acquiring missiles "air-land" from Eastern traders instrument.
In fact there is a trace of Belarus. In one of the computers, according to "El Pais", was a letter from which it follows that Sheiman, Secretary of Security Council of Belarus, was involved in negotiating the sale of guns in the FARC’s own visit to Venezuela in February
The Colombian Government has asked Interpol to perform an examination of the confiscated vehicles info and to assure that the data FARC in no way have changed since when they fell into the hands of Colombian "commandos".
In over 100-page report, posted on the Web with some cuts, Interpol carefully outlines the function and expertise exactly claims that FARC files since the seizure did not undergo any manipulation.
In a press release posted on the website of Interpol, Noble says that between 1 and 3 March Colombian anti-terrorists files stored FARC, without adhering to the procedures recommended by professionals in the judicial such cases. According to Noble, before their reburial they had to do protected configurations copies ("write-protected copies") of all the files, so as not to cause any suspicion of intentional ability refractive content of information. But these perazahovvanni adds Noble, not in any way change the content of information.
Interpol immediately emphasizes that the object of his examination was not the authentication information of the facts stated on the test media.
Examination results cast swing refutation as Caracas and Minsk, according to which the information on the disks FARC does not correspond to reality.
"Lightly pay attention to the various conjectures, which is connected to the spread of printing and the Spanish" — so the press service of the Municipal Secretariat of the Security Council of Belarus BelaPAN Comment out the message "El Pais" on the probable relation Shejman with FARC. Tags: Chavez, Sheiman, Interpol, the gun, ale, Pais

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