Ira Katkovskaya: Experience in education — feral

Vladimir Katkovsky — one of the founders of the Belarusian Wikipedia, created websites and In honor of son Ira and Leonid Katkovskaya organized a special bonus to celebrate the best web projects. According to I. Katkovskaya knows that the first would be disturbed at the moment of her son. This — the situation with school education.
UlitenokIra, you seem to have Russian nationality?
KatkovskayaYes, from the family of a serviceman.
UlitenokWhence then the Belarusian language you understand? Trained somewhere in Minsk, Mogilev, Gomel — where?
KatkovskayaRodney military not allowed to teach the state language. I enjoyed that opportunity — as was small, did not realize that the more languages you know, the more attractive you become … "
UlitenokWhence then craving for belarushchyny?
KatkovskayaThank you Vladimir Korotkevich. When he published his famous historical novels, there was a desire to read them immediately in magazines. In the original language, because the translation is totally different … Well, then — the impact of kids: and settle, and youngest daughter. They were always real Belarusians — and know the language, history and Belarus.
Ulitenok: They’re here, trained in Minsk?

: Vlad, for example, recent years engaged in a physical classroom at BSU Lyceum. The yard was far th 1990, but the teacher of arithmetic led to their occupation in Belarusian, imagine!
Ulitenok: Are you interested in what is happening in today’s Belarusian school?

Yes, because it is convinced, now would be interested in Vlad … By the way, one time I worked in the education system and I remember how in 1991 a law on optional 10-year-old training — there went our rollback we lost preferences in the future … From that time to mock education as they can.

I somehow missed it or forgot …
Katkovskaya: What really went very quietly, so that almost no one paid much has sent. Then enter 11 tsigodku further 12 tsigodku, now here vorachivayutsya to previous schemes … But the main thing is not in terms of training, and what teachers teach in school and learning what our kids get there? That’s where, in my opinion, the main thing. And what they are doing at the moment with the Belarusian language Belarusian history in school — well, no words! National passed the Europe-wide — some wildness!

: Maybe today’s bureaucrats are afraid of historical truth?

: I do not think they are going through so much that we all know this truth, how obediently working to restore the former Russian Union standards. And these "standards" in different areas of life, we are moving swiftly enough. Including in the education system.
Now Belarusians otymayut history of Belarus in their native language — and that will be followed? Can someone in the audience of "Freedom" know that? This state, our country or our lives? I personally do not know. And you know that the following? Which point in our lives? .. Tags: public, editor, education, Ira, Katkovsky

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