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Ira Zharnasiek: "I began to thank Poetess RADIO LIBERTY"


Hitherto Ira Zharnasiek readers knew as novelist — the creator of books of short stories "Games over the well", "Godard’s" novel "Be Thy will." Because for many was a surprise collection of poetry writer "Looking for You", which has recently appeared in Minsk publishing "Pro-Christ." And she lives in Ira Zharnasiek Novapolatsk where edits children Catholic magazine "The Little Knight of the Immaculate." From the creator of "sudden" books Michas met Scoble.

Michas Scoble: "Ira, usually occurs on the contrary — poets with age scamper prose. As you have turned into a prose poet?"

Ira Zharnasiek: "Nothing I, sire Misha not understand this. Consciously I do not perakvalifikovvalasya. Why I started writing poetry? Honestly, I do not know. Incidentally, I very long feared to show them to people. And my first verse titled" Looking For You "(which is the title of the book and gave it) sounded the way, on Radio Liberty in the program" Verse freedom. "I’m very embarrassed, because the poem on the air sounded and went into the book of the same name under my maiden naming — Ira Saker. Leaves, it’s your radio awoke in me a poet. "

Scoble: "I read your collection and did not find anyone to compare the poet Ira Zharnasiek. Verses Free Christian themes we seem, nobody wrote. The coming figure that comes to mind — a Polish priest-poet Jan Twardowski. True I caused your poetic pedigree? "

Zharnasiek: "From the side, certainly, know better. I do not know who I can associate and to associate. I also do not know if I will continue to write poetry. They just said they flew out of the soul."

Scoble: "And if you read the poetry of Jan Twardowski in Belarusian transfers your employee Lyalko Christina?"

Zharnasiek: "Naturally, I read. Even treated his poetry. At one point, when I have a cold winter and very sick, my friend’s father Alexander Tchaikovsky, who works in our town priest read me a poem by Jan Twardowski on the phone, spent vershaterapiyu. Later, when I was in Poland, the case met with John Tvardovsky and told him the story. creator of poems and was very pleased with sprezentavav me your book. I love his poetry. But if he worked for me — I do not know. Favourites Christian poems Natalia Arsenyev , Larissa Heniyush — it is for me a standard of behavior in the literature and in public life. But, again, about the impact of their read I do not dare. "

Scoble: "You Education — librarian. Remember Yanka Bryl showed me his book" The best wardrobe. "And what books really a noble place in your home library?"

Zharnasiek: "We are proud and happy to admit: in pashanotnay book shelf are the same Yankees Bryl you are so happy for me to remember. I love this writer, was very proud of his acquaintance. Always pleased with him every meeting, every phone conversation th conversation with his books, which began for me with "A Handful of sunlight." Who else is on that my shelf? Larissa Heniyush Natalia Arsenyev, Maxim Bogdanovich. In my youth was a game-playing. poems I take measurements for a kilometer. To School was too far away to walk seven miles, and then I went and read verses expensive. I was "seven miles of poetry!"

Scoble: "A friend of mine from Vawkavysk belonging to unite Christians of Evangelical faith, after he became deeply religious, lost interest in secular literature. Four your latest book — Christian themes. Does this mean that you and other topics motivate finished? "

Zharnasiek: "Under no circumstances, I would not close, I did not go to the monastery, I live a normal life. Here is another matter. When the opportunity to read about God and people express themselves in a particular subject, it took time, claimed familiarity with the harsh literature claimed a vzirannya. Since Christian theme — a complex and large, and you need to prepare for it for years. And I just delved into it. But I walked away from secular life, I like it very much interested in the past. would only have enough time and health at all. Franz Sivko occasionally reads: "Ira Zharnasiek happily found a niche." See, no niche for myself, I could not find. Maybe she found me. "

Scoble: "I know that you have toured many Belarusian town, arranging the presentation of his novel" Be Thy will. "Now the Russian knigagandal with such reluctance Belarusian distributes books! So maybe this is the most effective way for the reader? Posted writer and book — push off voyage in the country … "

Zharnasiek: "We have from time to time just have to do it. Another situation was referred to the book. There were numerous invitations from the priests of the parish, was intrigued by Marian Fathers, which belonged to the heroes of my novel — fathers Yuri Kashira and Anthony Lashchevich. Modern Fathers Marianne interested to extend their cult, and because they were interested in the presentation of the novel "Be Thy will." Either it out for us writers? On the one hand — yes, output, but with the moral side of it is difficult. Wrote the book — in the bag and move, demand the people to purchase? All the same writer, sale and distribution of their own books should not be engaged. "

Scoble: "The book" Be Thy will "was presented to Father John Paul II. This event is significant to you?"

Zharnasiek: "Of course, significant. Fathers Marianne made me such a surprise. Presentation on the book" Be Your Will "in Minsk they suddenly gave me a picture in which the General Order of Marian Fathers Ian Rokash gives my book John Paul II. For me it was an absolute surprise I do not amuse myself with the hope that John Paul II was reading a book — was the last year of his life. But for me it all gratifying and symbolically. I greatly respected this man, read and reread his legacy. This photo hangs in my apartment on a noble place . "

Scoble: "You went through Novopolotsk litabyadnanne" Krynica. "And where is the newcomer in the Vitebsk region may give a hint how to and how not to have to write?"

Zharnasiek: "It’s hard now with this. And here came another division into two Writers Union, establish separation writers in regional centers. All this is very painful … Where now teach beginners? Last year Lera Catfish suit in Polotsk workshop for young writers. Olga Ipatova Minsk came, we were Franz Sivko. pity that such seminars happen from time to time option, not systematically. journal In "Little Knight of the Immaculate" I try to support every creative germ, although our version is published occasionally, only four times a year, and, indeed, our "Knight …" from a small volume. "

Scoble: "Not so long ago I had occasion to meet with Dr. Arnold MakMilin — Slavic from London, who wrote a book about the modern Belarusian literature. So here, doctor joke complained th
at the vast majority of ordinary Belarusian writers biography — studied and worked in the editorial, gave such and such books. And whether the creator of the petition to the same about his biography? "

Zharnasiek: "Purposely bother about his own biography is not necessary. Another thing is the creator to live fascinating lives that were both traveling and meeting fascinating people, so it all had to do, was not indifferent to the manifestations of life. A biography later write, it would be something to write. "

Ira Zharnasiek. Of new poems


Saint Archangel Michal

with a blade so sharp and righteous!

On protection of my people,

people, people willing to be called

and so often forgets,

that man be hard,

because pigs from time to time dominated diligently

accepted at one point in Godard

devil in their womb …

Saint Archangel Michal!

When this time comes,

that is not God

and we worship the devil again

Do not forget, the archangel Misha

on your own blade, sharp and righteous.

Conversations with sovereign bulldog

"I, too, believed in God

30 ninth year,

when I was seven years old, "

said random

my interlocutor.

Unforgivable rather short

was that our conversation.

I, as usual on Sunday,

took the time to celebrate the

Christ’s resurrection,

And he

tan bulldog

was walking

near the road to the temple.

Fled rapidly our path.

Was last year.

Reproachful thorn


that conversation a little


After believing the Risen Christ

not asked

Crossing to the church for a meeting,


tan bulldog owner


30 ninth year

our God?

Mom was crying …

Guys arguing:

neuzh that such labels neuzh then so successful,

that three shots hit

Headshot Dame

For the same figure that stubbornly

Tipo taciturn reproach unclear who,

remained forever stand

on the ruins of an old church?

He is successful and daring,

insisted aim! I say to you — to get!

I. .. shot.

I cut down the top of birch trees,

that grew on the church wall

closing the Mother of God’s own frail zasennyu.

Another shot from the stone wall split

and with a roar, as if a giant boulder, it cast down

to rubble under which rested monks

that once spravavali Mass in this church.

For the third time aim.

I happiness own victory

never saw a tear,

that ran down her cheek Dame

on the sand, which cover a thick

Her altar asleep.

Mom cried the children,

Caps and they threw up,

celebrating victory

Above it,

taciturn and bitterly sad.

Mom cried the children,                                                                      

mourned them tomorrow,

which had disappeared,

so do not come back, for sure,

to those that shoot accurately …


Vick Trenas: "At first I think the aesthetic role of literature"


The publisher of "Goliaths" Vicki Trenas published book "existential landscape." This is the second book of representatives of the newest wave of Belarusian poetry. Her first book "The Magic of confiscated Youth" was released when the creator was only 21 years old, but she was already well known not only in Russian literary circles. Vicki Trenas poems translated into German, British and Bulgarian languages, her writing drew attention to the English Institute Dr. Arnold MakMilin. With young poet met a Valentine Aksak.

Valentine Aksak: "Your first book" The Magic of Youth confiscated "poet and literary columnist for the weekly" Lim "Leonid referred to Golubovic" Passports poetic maturity. "That was three years back. Now your latest book" existential landscape "Ryhor Baradulin called" the dictation of love. " Book decorated both these  statements recognizable artists. Does this mean that you are afraid to be alone with the reader and hide behind the authorities? "

Vick Trenas: "I’m not afraid of them and do not disappear. Just for me to get fundamentally not only positive, and negative outlook on my poetry, in general, though what worldview. And I am grateful and Baradulin Gregory and Leonid Golubovic for what they not so little attention directed at me. "

Aksak: "Still, you have even sent a note in London — I know that about you wrote Dr. Arnold English Institute MakMilin that Research modern Belarusian literature. General, who for you the indisputable authority of the Belarusian literature?"

Trenas: "Very many of my senior colleagues, if I have the right to call them so, comrades, they are for me the undisputed authority in terms of mastery of philology, poetic technique. Well and generally in very different, not only technical, but in moral values, though what young creator must rely on older, those people who have great relevance and creative experience. I can not even call certain people because, in principle, it is a common stock of knowledge. "   

Aksak: "And now let for several quotes from you:" In every snyazhyntsy — continuation of the verse something … "" I throws you wedding-funeral poems … "" I regret shot down hundreds of poems … "" So tight poem, as if in a coffin in me … "Your book is full of poems about poetry. What do poetry? Wordplay? Salvation from spiritual suffering? Method to hide from reality? Or something else?"

Trenas: "First — this is typical svetavsprymanne, it may not be quite normal for the average person look at the most ordinary phenomena neighborhood. If we talk in general, then it is for sure,
the way of thinking. For me the word — is some absolute, metaphysical unattainable height, and I try it rasprobovat this absolute. "

Aksak: "You have only reader, that you think of when you write?"

Trenas: "I would not say that there is a certain reader. I can not describe it, I’ll be honest, I do not see. I have some recollection of my readers exactly how about some social layer. Since I often try to act gymnasiums, schools, universities, then I formed the image of my readers at the end of my performances. whom I see in the midst of the audience in the hall, so I think your readers. " 

Aksak: "You do not just write poetry. Yet you pass over, that unleashed poetry did not die unattended. Moreover, not only your own. Collaborating with a range of cardboard and online publications you are strongly advocating works of young Belarusian writers. Now that’s perched over much of the work in a new publishing house "Goliaths." Do you believe that all of these efforts to promote Belarusian poetry is not in vain in the modern pragmatic and also Russified Belarusian society? "

Trenas: "We could make a whole discussion here about how pressing social need and the role of literature, of Belarusian literature in society. As for my role in the project for the presentation debutants, I will try to explain. For me and the people who founded a new publishing house" Goliaths "literature — is some absolute. And in general, if we turn to the realization to topical art, actually speaking, burning art — it’s a cultural phenomenon that is born apart from public opinion in the process of creation. And literature in it — as some vacuum thinking. Initially, the product is born in this vacuum, and after this work has to be imposed in various ways through the media tribunal reader. if I worked here for some further real or ideological perspective? Honestly say is no. "

Aksak: "You do not think about the social or ideological role made?"

Trenas: "First, I think about the aesthetic role of literature. And it seems to me that the other nuances that are trying to ascribe literature and writers that belong to other people — teachers, journalists, public figures. But the mission of the writer, and I am fully convinced of this — write. And if you can write more or less perfectly, if you try for this role, it is the product itself will be valuable for themselves to literature in a general sense. Generate high quality texts — is, I think, at least some main profession of the writer. "    


Anatoly Sidorevich. WAY allotted must pass through

Anatoly Kudravets. Farewell: A Tale. Verb. 2008. Number 1 (32).


Anatoly Sidorevich

Fatally unhealthy man called Adam, rides on its own "Cornfield" Slutsk, where began his independent life, where he studied at the Pedagogical College and where he first fell in love. On the road there is a tragedy, a tragedy. No, traffic accident does not happen with Adam. Adam drove to the place where it happened, post factum. "It was simple: man ran across the road to the other side of the road." Jeep "jumped out from behind a corner, went to meet him," MAZ "trailer right on the grass was a tractor." Jeep "could either crash into the tractor or on the forehead "MAZ", or climb into the gap between them. And so he left. And here because this man jumped out of the tractor. Now he lay sprawled, his head on a snow-white band axial strip. "

Adam vorachivaetsya evening from Slutsk and drove up to the scene. "The highway was as swept and nothing reminiscent of what happened here in the morning. Only where lay beaten man left a black mark. Pass rain — and it will not."

Knowing what a metaphor, we say that the road here symbolizes life. Man wanted on the one hand to cross the road and died just in it, on the center strip. And you can go on the road and length. That afternoon Adam beheld human vorachivayas back, saw only a trace of it — black spot. But soon this trace remains.

Adam decided to walk in the paths of early own youth. But the paths are not the same, because the change themselves, and change our vision and the eye. And people disappear, whom we met at these goings. Something is lost irrevocably, leaving little or no trace for yourself. Unrecognizable station, from an old there were only two shops with signs "MPS". It has long been no school teacher — eat honey. In the house where Adam lived first private school — new owners. And where hung a portrait of Aunt Shura and Uncle Grisha, hung a portrait of an unknown young man Adam. Hostel on the street became Vecharkevicha before Adam as "something greyish unkempt raskirechanae"With pazabivanymi eyes. Some teachers were killed, and meeting with other like Burt Semenivna not amused. Watching an old ailing lady who just stood on their feet and not recognizing him, Adam thought bitterly:"What is all the same nature is cruel! First of all gives a person with a bust, and later the very same inhumane and destroys all … "

The schedule of his farewell trip to Slutsk was meeting with Nina odnokashnitsa he adored shy first love.

"And what I saw?" — Asks his Nina heard from Adam, which he visited. And hears the answer — Never need vorachivatsya gardens in his youth. Let grow as once grew. Time does not make them attractive. "

I have written here: "Let us not grow." At the time we left these gardens and their vorachivatsya — one the wounds. What else who either remain in us and for us — it’s old comrades classmates. They need to say goodbye. Adam says Nina that he came to part with it forever. He uses the image of the coat. "It is sad to part with the old coat, which wore a long …" — He says in the first meeting with Nina Minutka. If after advedvannya grave history teacher Nina reminded him about this coat, Adam said: "However, it is insulting to leave. But we need."

On the working path from Slutsk Adam turned off the road to rest. In the "glove box" own "Niva" he saw a penknife in perlyamutravyh cuttings gift from his father of the 1st of his disciples. Sharp as a razor knife. "Adam led to the neck pocket knife, pushed to the ledge. Around clicked ear …"

In such cases, remember Leo Shastova: "There is no need to live with the need." Words — justification of suicide still expects man — as a necessity — death, but the man — the owner of his own life, and he has the freedom to choose the time and method of departure from this world.

Whatever wrote the philosopher, no one knows its own purpose on earth, God’s plan for each of us. Given the same on something and for some reason our lives … And it may be that the meaning of our destiny revealed to us in the end.

Fatally unhealthy, Adam did not add their doom.

"Somewhere behind came the muffled roar rovnenky. Filed That voice highway. Not very far away, he ran away. Necessary to go …"

Adam arrive on the highway to continue the journey. Allotted path must pass, pass through.

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