ISHS. A day in the life of the BNR

LETTER TO Aunt Martha, who emigrated to the United States in nine tyscha 30 3-rd year
Baranovichi, March 25, 2008
Dear Aunt,
Now decided to tell you a little about our life after the collapse of Russian Union. Remember that you are not asked about it again, but somehow passed and only now, regarding the contest Radio Liberty "Day in the Life of the BNR," wanted to answer your questions. Along the way, it will send a letter to Radio Liberty. Well the same. will print …
If you went to America in 1933 when she married Uncle Vanya, the Belarusian People’s Republic was still to be independent, and because Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania. Although life in the villages was not easy, but gradually moved forward. Using cooperative system, even farmers which had not a lot of land was given for the trouble, because cooperatives are buying their products, and they perfectly enough to pay for it. Also had the opportunity to hire a tractor cooperatives, allowing the farmer himself handle about 20 hectares of land. Then hired additional workers just before Dazhynki. People have built for themselves a new, huge and more than modern home. Around the houses were usually gardens and in front of houses — flowers. Everything was perfectly groomed, so the same. For you as the most information, and hard-working people we are proud of our achievements.
If so, it suffered a dozen years, Belarus really happened b-rich state, people finally began to think, would be for the welfare of not only your own, and your own territory, and I’m sure that here, for our sense of responsibility and our love for our own land, we had not comprehended-worse standard of living, the rich countries of Europe.
Unfortunately, the war between the Russian Union and Germany that allowed the Russian Federation, in 1945, to seize our land and turn it into an empire. Began a horrible time for our nation. Annihilated us on the physical level. lost our historical memory, a sense of the state selected pros from our youth. But, as our people knew that means independence, statehood and democracy, because our western neighbors, very quickly revived after the collapse of the Russian Empire.
Now, dear Tsetsenka, can easily come to the Belarusian People’s Republic, which has already joined the European Union. Our home estate was ruined during captivity, but will have opportunity to stay with me. But I have a very minor profitably and beautiful house near Baranovichi. Come meet you in Minsk. Together are able to visit all the beautiful places in Belarus. Everywhere there are neat and comfortable hotel, similar to the U.S. on the benefits, and that the European to prygastva and beautiful neighborhood. Bondage left on for themselves destroyed edge. But for this last seventeen years of hardworking hands of our people using adekvatnomyslyaschih Politicians, revived him to the extent that it is hard to imagine what he went through a terrible period in half of the twentieth century.
People also usually vorachivayutsya their Belarusian values. Virtually all again speak excellent Russian, have forgotten very quickly thrown during his captivity someone else’s speech. Stayut historical clubs everywhere made excavations. Belarusian mass published books, now, no one will say that the neighboring culture richer or better than ours. People are aware of acres of amazing people who put our region over the public lands in their history and are proud of them. Certainly, as always, our people are very sensitive to the fact that "people will say." On the streets of Minsk specifically see a lot more elegantly dressed women, both in New York.
Once, in the days of slavery, having lost all hope of the best possible future, our men were very spilisya. Only now feel older nasledtvy those times. Youth and people in middle age is not completely drunk. Just as life is worth it to spend a little longer on this earth, in its own raschudesnye edge. Before every day fascinating. People who have already had a taste of all the wonderful places in Belarus began to travel around the world and brings with it hundreds of new ideas. A clear as exchanges have always led to progress.
Those who do not like to travel, remembered an old tradition, when the girls were going to embroider folk clothes, tie svetar (currently very fashionable Norwegian patterns — which are so similar to Belarusian), sing along. You may remember, dear Aunt, how rich have Belarusian folk art. You are perfectly embroidered. Our folk art gradually obsolescent when you return to our people their genetychnuyu memory.
Between guys vyalikae intrigued restoration of old churches and mansions, which were destroyed by invaders. Vorachivayutsya to own Belarusian architecture. Virtually no horrible hybrids that began to build immediately after release.
But all this may be because the Belarusian People’s Republic hosts have Belarusians. Work for their own people, for their own children. Because again set foot on savings adtvaryli cooperative farming, small businesses do not make orders foreign oligarchs, and do what it must his people and which can be implement neighbors for regular prices. Tourism has already started to bring money for the upcoming restructuring, any village has a shop of its own conventional products, all exalted wind power. Each craftsman can get a small loan that will allow him to start something of their own.
People are not afraid that fail at that or any local authority to insult them, as everywhere is "Ombudsman", which has a role to watch, so that no one is fooled everyone to have repetitive before the law. You probably there is all considered usual, but here not so long ago needed all start anew from zero. After all mined before the occupation destroyed.
Wanted to tell you about it, to encourage you vorachivatsya every year at least on a vacation to the Belarusian People’s Republic. We all dream to make of it a real paradise on earth. Yet this goal is one hundred percent not necessarily have gained, but I believe that the next generation will have to live in such Belarusian state — as depicted by our grandfathers March 25, 1918 — free, beautiful, rich and happy.
I invite you to the land of our Protz! Come along with all your little family. Would have expected.
Your niece Yadvinya

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