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October 30 marks the 20th anniversary of the first mass action to the memory of days Protz "Dzyady." Today’s march to "Dzyady" BNF suggests starting with places of historical action — Eastern cemetery in Minsk, and the Conservative Christian Party BPF — from the usual gathering place — near the site of the Minsk watch factory. Comments listeners:
Lyudmila, Minsk: "Approaching Dzyady. This year they organize two parties. Heard in calls to radio sounded proposals noted Dzyady together. Unfortunately, the leaders of the CCP BPF on joint activities do not give any word Vyachorka nor Barshcheuski nor anyone else from the party BNF. How can such leaders do something together? "
Valentine, Minsk: "It is a pity that the two parties have found BNF understanding about Santa. In 1988, we worked in Siberia. Information has reached us that the event will be held on Dzyady. These particulars us Belarusians were combined, we gathered together and share their news. Even radio and television broadcast Surgut and Tyumen about this event. At the time we were together with Belarus. "
Next question is the address of the opposition:
Sergei Ladnyuk, Minsk: "Why BPF Party and United Party plainclothes very slowly take in their ranks? I wrote a statement and there and there in the midst of September, but so far to no one approached me and did not call."
Answer to the question the deputy chairman of the Belarusian Popular Front Vladimir Labkovich Joint Executive Committee and Managing civilian party Igor Shynkaryk:
Vladimir Lobkowicz: "We make out this issue in recent times, and contact person. But I wish to note that according to the law a citizen of Belarus can not be a member of the 2-political parties. Pochetaemomu Because sovereign must determine whose position him closer and decide: either it is a member of BPF, UCP. "
Igor Shynkaryk: "Write an application — it’s not actually do anything. And far not all people can make in your game. If a person meets some aspects of our, then welcome to the party going on at a meeting of the Minsk city organization of the UCP."
In the upcoming calls listener asks the next question:
Yasko out of Vilna: "Why association" Fatherland "is silent about the map citizens, what are the need of the Belarusians in Lithuania and Latvia, who have difficulty visiting their own helpless parents?"
Chairman of the Board meets World Association of Belarusians "Fatherland" Lena Makovskaya:
"Since 2002," Fatherland "often puts this question to the executive authorities. And all proposals in this regard are made by us and are oriented in the proper structure. Ourselves are not an executive body of the country, and to make this decision, or speed it up, we can not" .
Continue aaplet SMS message"Scary becomes what makes us anti-Belarusian authorities. Because thanks to you very much for your trip to Zhodishki. Just a balm for the heart. Leon."
And then — the expression on various topics:
Man: "Not so long ago, in order to prove the increase in prices for food and other things, an economist Lukashenko said:" If we do not raise prices, then we all bought up. "It turns out that our products are not willing to take."
"In the ghetto lost 100 thousand Jews.
Fascist killed them.
And that Bolshevism did?
How he put the Belarusians in the Gulag! "

Ilya Kopil: "Some students are taught the opposition, it is necessary to read to the people, as it is able to Alexander G.. Speak Belarusian opposition can only listen to some. Yet we do not have the people, has a population scored bureaucrats."
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