Jew from Dzerzhinsk in the Latvian SS

This book is about the Belarusian boy from Dzerzhinsk Ilya Galperin, Jew which is currently lives in Australia. Dramatic story, but in Belarus about her almost no one knows …
Family Solomon Galperin from Dzerzhinsk war came first in the ghetto. Seven year old little boy Ilya Galperin miraculously managed to escape from the ghetto, and some time he was hiding in the woods. And later he was rescued by a soldier from the Latvian punitive battalion. And seven-year boy became so to speak, "Offspring Latvian regiment." Belarusian historian Oleg Dernovich attended the presentation book, which enthusiastically read:
"And the prayer Elijah played in uniform, especially made for him, and that is very surprising — he even became the emblem of Nazi propaganda. Polish journalists claimed: plausible that Hitler watched this movie. It shows how the boy was walking along the infirmaries, gave the German fighters chocolates. Jewish boy became the emblem of Nazi propaganda — that’s what struck me most. His German documentary filmed and tape this — too mind-boggling story — found in the archive shtrishok kinadakumentav. find her in our time. "
In late 1945 this yeart boy ran away from the Latvian regiment, first to the West, and later ended up in Australia, where he lives to this day. But Ilya Galperin had to endure a lot. Continues historian Oleg Dernovich:
"At the moment it is called Alex Kurz. When he began to speak in including and punitive operations, Australian Latvians was threatened:

to him evenly vorachivalas memory

say, you’re one of us, you can not betray … You just need to imagine what fears occurred in his head, because he was an eyewitness to the liquidation of his family, drove all inward … He had cancer surgery in our time, and it is uniformly vorachivalas memory, he began to remember, and remember weird things … "
It turns out that his father, Solomon Galperin survived. After the war, he had another family, and half-brother Elijah, son of the second marriage of his father Eric Halperin currently lives in Minsk. Polish journalists invited Alex from Australia to Warsaw. And they went to Dzerzhinsk, where the family lived before the war Halperin, found a home on the street October 12.
Not counting the book "Do not need to kill me," in Poland came to the same documentary film "everything to live." But Belarusians about this touching story not know. Alignment historian Oleg Dernovich:
"The presentation sounded questions such as:" He beheld murder izymatelstva how he could react to this? "But let’s not forget that the boy was thenabout 7 — 8 years maximum …
Ilya Galperin (aka Alex Kurz) met not so long ago with the family of his brother. Mark scion Alex Kurz — anthropologist, currently teaches at the Oxford Institute.
It is very curious that in the center of the story was actually saying, Belarus, then touched Latvia, Poland, Australia, Britain. But Belarus is not actually sounds. "

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